Tea For Me And You Makes Two


Tea For Me And You Makes Two (Randyjw; February 2, 2017)


Isn’t it rye?

to wish a toast

to dear ones missed

on separate coasts


So let’s just raise

our cups of tea

on the one hand for you

and on the other for me



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10 responses to “Tea For Me And You Makes Two

  1. Ha-ha-ha! Hello! Thank you!

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  2. Oh, dear Yassy! You are so sweet! A toast to you, and to your kindness, and to love and peace everywhere, and to your health and happiness, as well, dear princess.

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    • Are we there yet? Peace and love. 🌈 May they find us, wherever we are. 💜But, I don’t think your emails (new writings) seem to be. I’ll have to come visit you. This seems to keep happening.

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  3. Cheers to you, Anita! Thank you! xo ☕


  4. Two months ago to the day I took that photo, waiting for the reason for the poem to come along. 🌞

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  5. My other reply didn’t sound right. I really just mean ❤

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