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Spam Check (Randyjw; February 3, 2017)


One way to check for spam in your comments section is to take a minute to review its content. The message will be seen in full, so you will be able to see whether it is just some site trying to promote a number of different products, or whether the sentence structures are complete, or an amalgam of articles mashed together to give body to a message for an unrelated site.


I find that the present types of spam I’ve encountered often use complimentary or inquisitive language regarding the theme or visual display of your blog, designed to elicit a responsive, sympathetic action from its creator. I have often so similarly commented at others’ sites, and so, it might, at times, be difficult to differentiate a legitimate questioner from a spammer’s sniffing around at your site. And you might get fooled — but we can try not to be.


First, many of the WordPress themes are designated within the footer field at the bottom of the screen, especially with the free “” themes. If the comment message you receive asks what theme you are using, but it already appears at the bottom of your blog, then you can see a credible enough reason to assume that this is a likely spam message (judging leeway for innocence via other methods, if necessary).


Check that the “username” appearing at the top of the message matches the email account name, and also look at the suffix from which country the email is being supposedly sent; they often seem to have a different country designation. What do I mean by that? Well, this would be the, generally, two-letter suffix in the URL, such as: “.de”, which stands for Germany; or “.ru”, which stands for Russia.


Does the “username” match the email name in gender? Often, there are discrepancies. Does the username match the stylistic essence of the email name or of the written content? Discrepancies indicate that these might be good indications of a spamming attempt upon your blog site. Does the body of the written content contain many links, or inappropriate links (such as to dating sites, etc.)? These are likely phishing attempts to check the validity of your site and to extract personal information from you, or to insert malware, spyware, worms, viruses and trojan horses into your site. Akismet will try to catch alot of spam for you, but extra firewalls and protective anti-virus and cleaning programs should be used to help try to ward off these attempted attacks on your site.


Be proactive in searching for these discrepancies, and help turn away unwanted attacks at your blog site.




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4 responses to “Spam Check

  1. I’m glad. I keep seeing other people fall prey to this, so I thought I’d share my observations.

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  2. Freedom of speech and of the press. Even were it not to correspond with my own views, I would not censor you. Freedom is such a magnanimous concept, is it not?

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  3. What are you talking about a “spam comment”?


    • Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t look at which article the comment was posting to. I thought it was part of the same conversation as the other one.

      So, if I’m understanding you, you’re asking what is the disadvantage? Well, you don’t want spammers to get hold of your personal identity and do things like steal in your name. I keep seeing bloggers posting these spammy-seeming comments (like the same type I’ve gotten), so I’m trying to maybe prevent them from doing that. So, I noticed the discrepancies in the spam-like comments between the person’s screen name, email name, origin country, and all the links, and thought I’d tell people. Do you see what I mean?


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