Don’t Ask Me To Explain


Don’t Ask Me To Explain (Randyjw; February 17, 2017)


How many times did I ask of G-d

to grant me the bliss of forgetfulness

to wash the slate clean and let me live

without reliving memories I wanted to miss?


And how often did I pray that when they finally disappeared

that those memories would return so that I could lastly clear

the disappointment and denigration

the hardship and humiliation

and rid myself of all those real-life fears?


Reliving what I’ve been through

again and again

Does nobody any good

and just draws out the pain


So if I try to make myself smile

and hide the hurts of my past

It doesn’t mean that my life is not worthwhile

when I wear these masks


And my heart found love

and brought with it the soul that found new dances

but the irony of it all

is that because of my choices, I’d used up all my chances



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