Humanity Will Never Find The Missing Link


Humanity Will Never Find The Missing Link (Randyjw; February 19, 2017)


You, child of the light

Come out from the night

where you hide in its sight.


Why do you not incorporate

the light of the day

into your innocent play?


the absence of color

divided from the white

from whence it comes?


Split into multiple facets

its varying faces

singularly presented


Forgive me for inquiring,

if it is organic and natural

to the essence of your being.


I’ve been in that reality

and I know its closeness

its presence in my family


I know it’s a part of humanity

things others wish not to see

a stigma, stigmata, a yoke of the unfree


And that’s okay with me

I find beauty in the mentally free

but I don’t wish to lose my mind

in things that can never be


That’s a hypocrisy, what I just wrote

for I do it all the time

my heart leads my feelings although my head is completely blind


My youth was won over in this way

and I’ve since then turned to grey

the colors were muted from the dark of the day


Why do you divide yourself in so many hues?

Though we’re no singular colors

and hopefully free to choose


A warrior’s strategy of an incredible mind

to become someone else even less unkind

the angel on the left and the devil on the right


Easily able to include all the good

under the one umbrella

and rain down hate and scorn under the other


the multiple accounts and avatars

giving a reason for cover

to everything that you hide within


each a glorious personality

in their similarities and diversities

and the darkness exalted from obscurity


Ah, but a most-convenient device

to say the things that aren’t so nice

and yet remain impeccable since no-one notices


It’s okay, I’ll remain at bay

more for you than for me

since I’d already fallen


But, fallen I’ve fell before

through several of many unfortunate doors

and I’ve learned because I’ve always lost those scores


the methodology taught me and the flags are raised

not white in surrender, where my heart was razed

but the red of a warning leaving my hackles raised


It’s the worst kind of regret

that the shackles have links

and that we never met


the past ties me in chains

and you need your release.




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