5 Recommended Authors and Their Books


5 Recommended Authors and Their Books (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)


Here are some of my recommendations from (mostly) popular authors and several of their books. I’ve listed them in my preferred reading order, not by when they were written. Most are very emotionally written, with gorgeous verse, and that is what makes these appealing to me. James Michener’s works converted me from hater, to lover, of history.




1) Malika Oufkir —


Freedom: The Story of My Second Life


Stolen Lives



2) Amy Tan —


The Joy Luck Club


The Hundred Secret Senses


The Kitchen God’s Wife


The Bonesetter’s Daughter



3) James Michener —


The Covenant





4) Khaled Hosseini —


The Kite Runner


A Thousand Splendid Suns



5) Saira Shah —


The Storyteller’s Daughter





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5 responses to “5 Recommended Authors and Their Books

  1. I thought you might enjoy these, based on your latest review.


  2. Most of these books and authors have done very well, such as The Kite Runner, so, yes; and for good reason. Stolen Lives, by Malika Oufkir, was also one; but, I’d never heard of it. The publishing industry, of course, is an industry, and so it prints those weekly bestseller lists and reviews, like Publisher’s Weekly, etc., to cater to the consumer who represents its buying demographic. But, there’s also a secondary readership that maybe have neither the wallet nor the inclination to join the race of trending subjects. I’m of the second type — Why stress? I used to be way ahead of my time; now it’s of no personal concern. Can I do it for others? Sure; I appreciate design, fashion, etc. But, I have no compulsion to compete individually at a personal level for any of it. These types of lists, like for older movies, or books, are a great market to fill in for people who didn’t get to read or see everything that came out. It also gives the hindsight of time to see what’s good. It helps some good ones, that might’ve even passed by, to not be forgotten. These might be found in libraries, second-hand bookshops or yard sales, movie rentals, etc. I’m inspired by your own lists and by Asha’s wonderful book reviews.

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