Thank You To You


Thank You To You (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)


I’d melt myself into a puddle of goo

stick myself to the bottom of your shoe

turn myself upside down and right-side round

rightside-in and inside-out

is there anything else I wouldn’t do

to let you know I appreciate you.



Filed under Poetry

5 responses to “Thank You To You

    • Oh, thank you, Cecilia. I really appreciate that, so much. I’ve been ill, but hope to get some energy going to move me forward, again, soon. I hope that you two are doing well!


  1. Hi, Asha. Thanks. It was silly and fun. I was thinking of some books you might like to read. 1) Malika Oufkir — Freedom: The Story of My Second Life. 2) Saira Shah — The Storyteller’s Daughter 3) Khaled Hosseini — The Kite Runner; A Thousand Splendid Suns 4) Amy Tan — The Joy Luck Club; The Hundred Secret Senses; The Kitchen God’s Wife; The Bonesetter’s Daughter 5) James Michener — The Covenant; Hawai’i.


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