A+ (Randyjw; February 21, 2017)



according to his “means”,

and the manner in which

the answers are seen.



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5 responses to “A+

  1. What would the context be?

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    • The “A” means “answer”, and the next one, “A+”, is because I had more to add to the first one, that I wished I’d added in the beginning! Frankly, the public domain is such that it makes works fair game for usage in critical and educational endeavors, for the most part. You scare me with “Assessment and “Evaluation” because of difficulties I’ve dealt with during my lifetime in my personal family situation. To be used as a case example or in conjunction with anything of the same or sort, gives me heebie-jeebies. Whatever it is, it adds another legal aspect that would be difficult to extract from. So, I say no. I’m just weird this way, but I’ve had a personal mission for most of my life to singularly fight back against the corporate vs the individual person’s rights, especially where privacy issues are concerned. I’m losing this battle, but I may have helped waylay it a bit. I’ve also fought against the use of professionals to colonize the marketing gold in the exploitation of personal postings as found in forums such as this. There are many reasons, but it would bring me great dread to have you do so. I appreciate your being kind enough to mention your intentions beforehand, though. Although this is just a glimpse I would rather have not given, and it sortof forces my hand, I hope you understand, at least, my reason for saying no.

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