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Exodus (Randyjw; February 23, 2017)


Kitty is my feral friend and sometime snugglepuss. I like the name Kitty, because it reminds me of the nurse of the same name in the movie, Exodus, and because she’ll think everybody is friendly, since they seem to already call her by name. She’s got alot of spirit, and is very sensitive and really sweet. She still lives a feral life, but has become more of an outdoor cat of the neighborhood, settling inside with me during inclement weather, for the most part.


In the movie, Exodus, the part of Kitty Fremont, the American nurse who falls in love with a Jewish man during the struggle of Jews to reach Israel (called “Palestine”, at that time) during the British Mandatory assignment period, is played by Eva Marie Saint.


The 1960 movie is based on the 1958 book by Leon Uris of the same name and is a fictional account based loosely on events during the period it portrays. I’ve watched the movie several times on television, as well as having enjoyed listening to the famous theme title to the movie.


Leon Uris was a war correspondent during those years, and writes extensively on Jewish subject matter. His books in that genre include: Exodus; Mitla Pass; Mila 18; The Haj; and QB VII. His style is in the manner of a historical fiction writer, others of which would include Trinity and Redemption. I really enjoy his books.


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3 responses to “Exodus

  1. I like these, now; but, not when I was younger, because the actors never seemed Jewish (they usually weren’t), the locations were usually never shot in Israel (often substituting Italy or Morocco) and the story interpretation tended to have odd, very non-Jewish, perceptions. This one seems more true-to-form, at least.

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  2. OM(-)!!! That is so anti-Semitic!!!

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    • And that is the influence upon today’s hard-core Leftists here, which they would deny, let alone realize. Did you read about the State Department’s questioning of David Friedman’s loyalty to the US? That the State Department would do such a thing also is a given. I hope they change that.

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