Aquarian Odyssey


Aquarian Odyssey (February 24, 2017)


In a news article posted yesterday at the Breaking Israel News website, Jewish News International Media reports the discovery of seven exoplanets orbiting an ultra-cool dwarf star in the constellation of Aquarius. Named the TRAPPIST-1 system after the Chilean observational telescope making the initial discovery of a couple of its planets, NASA soon discovered a total of seven planets orbiting the star.


JNI Media; February 23, 2017; via Breaking Israel — “NASA Reveals Several Earth-Like Planets Around a Sun”:




Within a circle of 360°, there are twelve equal divisions possible of 30° each. In a simplistic telling, these represent the quarterly three-month seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall; they represent the monthly divisional aspects of a year; and in the “tropical western zodiac” they represent the star’s constellations in fixed widths as they travel throughout these positions in the sky. The configurations of their fixed stars, which travel together in the group, are used in assigning the name to the corresponding zodiac sign on the 12-part wheel. Different cultures, with different methods and patterns, have devised other systems, and the resultant differences are reflected in varying dates and information.; “Zodiac”:




Aquarius is the “water-bearer” and those born under this zodiac sign will celebrate their birthdate during the approximate dates, varying for leap years and other factors, as follows:

Under the tropical zodiac = roughly between January 20th to February 18th.
Under the sidereal zodiac = roughly between February 15th to March 14th



Here is an astrological “personality” horoscope “attributed” to those born under this sign* (disclaimer = *people vary):





And here’s a popular song from 1969 by The 5th Dimension, called “The Age of Aquarius”:






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  1. I was going to post more stuff in here, but forgot about it by the time I finished wrastling all this stuff up. Meanwhile, here we are on planet Earth; I suppose planting feet on land here seems more immediate and sensible than spacing out with my head in the clouds, if I could nab that power and pull it back down…

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