Rock On, Aileron


Rock On, Aileron (Randyjw; February 28, 2017)


Can you catch me on radar

As I’m flying super-sonar

lane change, again

weaving wheels to highway

meeting arms to air

I swear

I just want you to be happy

The trunk is full

and neither of us have got the room

for a heart of gloom

Let’s take it on the road

fly this car right in the air

Are you a passenger along for the ride

or will you add another wing

Get this car soaring

and take it into flight


I haven’t got all night

but the rest of my life

for you to be mine

No ideas, nobody in mind

Just a song I’ll sing

I’m alone again

Rock on, aileron

Rock on, my heart, and soar




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14 responses to “Rock On, Aileron

  1. Ha-ha! Thanks! I wrote a haiku about the ironic differences between planes and cranes in “Plane Truth”. Paper origami cranes don’t fly, except by appearances when placed on a string (senbazuru — the legend of 1,000 cranes); but paper planes do. Fixed wings of manmade aircraft fly higher than the flight of a crane. Crazy, no?

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  2. Oh, that’s sweet. Poor man. He needs someone to make a nice home with him. At this point, I’m not personally a good candidate for anyone, and my girl friends are all ecstatically married to their own, wonderful Jewish hubbies, and I can’t think of anybody else.

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    • Sounds like a dreamboat. He wants to marry in the faith, I’m sure… correct? Because I just ran across someone’s hint that they might be looking for the one… She’s intelligent, writes exquisite poetry, sticks up for the underdog and underserved, etc… Wish it was me, but… Oh, my gosh… this is awkward…

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  3. You do, little lady, but you’ll always have my boost! 🚀 (Jet fuel, rocket boosters, the flame, space-age materials, insulation, and flame retardant 😜 !!!)

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  4. Oh, wait… Do you see anything interesting in the COMMENTARY???? People, for instance?

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  5. Interested? Let’s see what happens… You never know…

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