You Don’t Say…


You Don’t Say… (Randyjw; March 7, 2017)


I have yet to see a Yeti

But, I bet your sights are set

on seeing this Bigfooted creature yet

However, I’ll raise you one of those

pointy-nosed map fish of days of old

with its five-foot long brown body

and a rectangular protuberance like some diminished mast sail on its crown

forget about “X”-ing the spot to track it down

we’ve all seen E.T. and know how that’ll end

But, people I know

snapped a photo of the hyperloop

Or so I’m told

Saw the pic with my own eyes

never thinking to realize

they could’ve downloaded and photoshopped

the thing, like a blue arcing angel on wing

And as for the conspiracy theories

which I was introduced to by my ex numero uno

whose explanations indubitably made sense

except that it was never by the Jews, but against

and so why was it that both two and one had to point out hidden bases in the middle of forests dense

as we picnicked beneath the radiation of metal telephone poles

and those UFO’s

three of ’em, by George, but I always forget one

must have been the abduction (just kidding — and having a little fun)!

One a giant black mass

gliding to the right of the police station,

or was it a fire station,

with a circle of circular lights in its bottom porthole

the other a triangular prism of lights

4-3-2-1, ascending and falling in a vertical line

the cop couldn’t see it through the slit of the turret window

for the tops of the trees blocked the view

but it was reported and, thus, everybody knew

So, Sasquatch and Loch Ness may yet find their fifteen minutes

if these mythical creatures would just cooperate fully with us!




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5 responses to “You Don’t Say…

  1. You’re right. Best get Yentl, instead.

    Liked by 1 person

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