Unreined (Randyjw; March 9, 2017)


I’ve died several ignominious paper deaths

at the hands of haste and fire

steel tempered til the blue edges burn white

with desire


that which instead forged in backbreaking ire

of the deep black heart desiring to be caught

behind all, which was naught

and tightened in the bodily bridge of a vise which grips

before whatever real time

expires, then slips


Though fire breathes with air

the ash will be swept again

and cleared from there

and new fresh scents of spring

will arrive on the dew

in the way that is forward and right for you


Earth will be your grounding source

the balm you need to soothe that beast

chomping at the bit,

a bridle not to ensnare that wild

pawing, passionate heat

Calmed at the last through the love of another




Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “Unreined

  1. Thanks. How did the day go today? Are you holding out okay? And, what flavor hamantaschen did you make (need to know, so I can imagine them in my mouth… Yummy…)

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