Guilty As Charged

Guilty As Charged (Randyjw; March 11, 2017)


We always judge,

though we think we’re not

and can never truly know

the depths of another’s heart


Weighted on the scales

we can be found to be short

but it isn’t love that fails

to stand accused in court


It is meanings and perceptions

the way it comes presented

sometimes it seems deception

and for this can be resented


It’s acceptable to reach the decision

when total commitment is withheld

expectations unmet in its faulty transmission

two hearts, once fused, to unmeld


It’s understandable to place a simple demand

that presence for each should be there

a one-sided body and argument stands

the invisible — only through air


But, sometimes the reasons require more trust

the pre-judged can simply not give

because sometimes simply the essence of love

means releasing the other to live


Because sometimes one puts the other above

the interests of self-serving deeds

when really best interests are served with the love

that would sacrifice the whole of its needs


And love can yet withstand mighty forces

the winds which change with time

but one thing I’m not sure that love can do

is to ever be changed of it’s mind




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3 responses to “Guilty As Charged

  1. Thank you! Hope you have a lovely weekend too, Yasmin!

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  2. No, not really, Vidur; what it is is my default line. My heart’s flatline. Ignore what I can’t seem to help, otherwise. The heart wants what the heart wants, but that’s selfish and unfair to then say “no”. Doesn’t change what I feel, but changes what it can be. It’s best. See? I judge. Be free, and be happy, always.


  3. I do, too… I know; and it is. As you know, I’m beholden to my heart; I don’t know how to live, elsewise (so, yeah, I know 100% what you mean). I have this idea of how things will be and it will be good; don’t worry (I don’t care whether I hear about fantasy vs. reality). A calmness without storm or sabotage (less a million stab wounds 🌞). I don’t know if I can change anything, though; because. I wish I could be, too.

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