Honor Diaries Side-Event, at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (New York), March 21st


Who: Honor Diaries

What: Side-Event, held ongoing to the UN Commission on the Status of Women

When: March 21st, 2017 at 12:30 p.m.

Where: UN Commission on the Status of Women / Church Center for the United Nations, 2nd Floor; 777 United Nations Plaza; New York, New York 10017


Pre-Registration Required /

Click Here:  Eventbrite

Eventbrite Description: “NGO CSW 61 Forum:

“NGO CSW/NY  –  The NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY (NGO CSW/NY) organized an NGO CSW Forum. We are requiring that everyone attending the forum registers. Register for the NGO Forum to receive advance updates and schedules.

NGO CSW Forum Dates: 13-24 March 2017



Honor Diaries: Screen It (Randyjw; March 14, 2017)


From the makers of the hit 2005 documentary, Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, comes The Clarion Project’s newest multi-award winning film, Honor Diaries. Based on the real-life stories of women whose voices, lives and freedoms are often subjugated behind the demands placed on them by a domineering patriarchal society where men rule their every move and action, Honor Diaries seeks to unite free minds in taking up the plight to erase the stigmas of these taboo subjects and to change perceptions, which will enable women to be placed on an equal par with that of men.


Winner of The Free Speech Award (2105); Interfaith Awards Best Documentary, St. Louis International Film Festival (2013); and 1st Place Winner: Sunset Film Festival, Los Angeles (2014), among others, The Clarion Project takes us behind the scenes and into the lives of those oppressed and hoping to find their own worth, through their own experiences and words.


No stranger to oppression under Islamic rule in Somalia, Aayan Hirsi Ali escaped to the Netherlands to live a free, democratic life in the West; other women are not so fortunate. She has utilized her background well to help other women in no less-tragic situations. In addition to authoring two very well-received books on her experiences and serving in Parliament, she is also the creator with Theo van Gogh of the movie, Submission, for which Mr. van Gogh was murdered by Islamic extremists.


At the time of this writing (March 14, 2017), screenings for college viewings of Honor Diaries are being underwritten via a generous donor to the program, and are free. Potential speakers may be available to speak at these venues; please see the host-screening page and information there under the College Screenings selection for further details.


High schools, Libraries, and Community Center-type gatherings will be charged a fairly minimal licensing fee — whether for a one-time viewing or for yearly use; please refer to Clarion Project’s screening page at their website for prevailing information, rates, and details.


Another exciting idea is to screen it yourself at a local theater or similar venue for your friends and colleagues. Screen this, or other available movies, by creating an event at Tugg.com. Create the event date and publicize it to your friends. Pre-sell tickets to the event, and the venue will be booked, based on enough tickets being reserved for sale in advance. If the minimum amount of tickets sold is unmet, then nobody will be charged, and the event will be cancelled.


Be a movie promoter! Have fun as a mover and shaker, and, at the same time, help a good cause!


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2 responses to “Honor Diaries Side-Event, at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (New York), March 21st

  1. Hello, Anita. Thanks for commenting. I think it will be a great event; they do important work in bringing difficult subjects to light.

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