My Mother’s Rainbow Blanket


My Mother’s Rainbow Blanket (Randyjw; March 15, 2017)


Skeins of yarn drape the arms

of my mother’s sofa and crepey palms

a final mission of a love-filled vision

to leave a lasting legacy of a mother’s balm


When she can no longer comfort me

can’t be beside me

to soothe all my tears and assuage my qualms

my rainbow blanket

will embrace me as snugly

as my mother had

to keep me warm and calm


A mother-daughter collaboration. My mother knitted the panels of my rainbow blanket, and I made the tassels and chose the order in which the panels would be constructed.


Thank you, Mom.

I love you.




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2 responses to “My Mother’s Rainbow Blanket

  1. I’ve been hacked. My phone’s got a bad battery virus; I’m going to be homeless; I have no job; I have a tumor on my forhead; I have no insurance; My mother went into an ALF and can’t help me. My life -f-in sucks. I try to be happy and put on a smile. I hope everybody enjoyed whatever happiness I could bring you. I have not been feeling well. If anybody’s been on my case about negativity, or being grateful — I am grateful. Try being in my shoes… It’s never-ending like this — like Job. If I’ve sounded as if I wasn’t ready to step into a future, it’s because it’s pretty much all downhill from here. I’ve been homeless before, when after I left my job because my brother had cancer (and died). My mother got cancer at the same time. When I came back to help her, after that I was homeless. My former best friend wouldn’t give me my job back she filled-in for. It seems as if I’m going to have to delete all comments. Take care everybody. I love you. You guys here who responded, especially. All others can k.m.e.t. (you’ll know that one, Dolly). I may come on as I can, but this is my realitt. Hopefully, some last minute something will happen, but I don’t think so.

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