Remembering Anniversaries


Remembering Anniversaries (Randyjw; March 22, 2017)


Under the right circumstances, we’d be more than stoked if friends, partners, employers, spouses could only remember anniversaries that have meaning… such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries, employee sign-on dates, and others. A little celebration might not be of too terrible taste, either, would it?


Well, it would if you’re a terrorist, because terrorists are like elephants with long memories, which never forget. Never mind that the celebration is in the eye of the beholder and that the pinata is a metal-filled nail bomb filled with ball bearings, metal shards, and poisoned nail tips to create the most bang-for-the-buck carnage, for the money.


Yes, anniversaries are quite significant to terrorists, and it matters not if they’re a day late and a dollar short. Terror alerts may be based on these dates and the uptick in chatter “heard” in communications coming from various sources, like the internet and other places where rumors, gossip, and socializing occur, or from more studied analyses based on past occurences, etc. No matter where it originates, it’s a trend based on proven statistics of past terrorist incidents, and it does happen.


This time, unfortunately, was no false flag. On the day of the anniversary of the triple-bomb attack last year in the Brussels, Belgium airport and the Maalbeek metro Belgian station, which took the lives of 35 (including three of the five known perpetrators), London today has seen another terrorist attack, with the present number of dead remaining at four, inclusive of the terrorist, two civilians, and one police officer, and a report of twenty others being injured in vehicular run-downs, such as that reminiscent of the one in Nice, France, being perpetrated on civilians in two separate locations.


One of the locations occurred around the grounds outside of London’s Parliamentary buildings, eerily mimicking the recent infiltration of the White House grounds, in recent days; the other was close by, and occurred along Westminster Bridge. In the incident by the governing offices, the lone-wolf terrorist followed his car-ramming attack with a knife attack, stabbing three police officers, after which time he was shot.


Such mode of attack has become the latest de jeure method as seen in the terrorist attacks recently occuring in Jerusalem and in other locations throughout Israel. Such attacks in Israel are often unreported by the world’s media, although they receive press in Israeli and Jewish-focused media worldwide.


Our hearts go out to the victims of this merciless murderer, and our prayers are with the victims’ families, as well as in grief for them and the other victims throughout the world.



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Updates / Additional Reading:

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