Suspected Terrorizer of Jewish Institutions is Jewish, Himself


Suspected Terrorizer of Jewish Institutions is Jewish, Himself (Randyjw; March 23, 2017)



A nineteen-year old Jewish resident of Ashkelon, located on the seacoast six miles from Gaza, has been apprehended and held in custody in Israel for his alleged role as the perpetrator of the epidemic of bomb threats in recent months to Jewish institutions worldwide. Contributory efforts from international police and other agencies, notably aided by assistive Israeli technology within Israel itself, were able to eventually pinpoint the home from where the robotic and voice-altered calls originated.


There, in the homeschooled young man’s bedroom, they found computer and technological equipment, such as an antenna and voice-altering aids, designed to mask the origination of the communications by utilizing the wifi networks of others, obscuring and making difficult detection of his identity.


He is being questioned and presently held for further detention. It has also been suggested in other reporting that his father has been questioned of any knowledge he might have related to this investigation, and that the son might also hold dual U.S. citizenship. The father is also in custody.


It’s disheartening to see a Jewish man, if it is indeed him, be involved in further instilling fear to an already harrassed and terrorized population, to which he belongs. It also takes considerable work and effort to maintain such a database of accurate phone numbers for all these Jewish institutions. I did this type of work as part of my employment responsibilities once, and found it a daunting, full-time task to keep up with the changes in staff and numbers. It, therefore, leaves a disturbing impression as to the extent of the pre-planning involved to carry out such an extended attack upon the more than 150 Jewish targets of his threats.


It also leaves one to think about the philosophies behind the mental decisions being made by this man, and the motivations for their occurences. I was trying to think of any groups that tend to harbor self-loathing adherents among them, and could think of no others, except those of the Jewish faith. There tends to be an inward sublimation, amongst some population of the Jewish people, to incorporate the hatred expressed through anti-Semitism of those who dislike the Jews, into the projection of the same by themselves upon others. In self-denial, the sufferer who feels guilty by embodying the group with supposed traits that the anti-Semite hates, then envisions this does not apply individually to themselves, and so must take up the same hatred against his own group to prove how he doesn’t belong. It is really a matter of self-loathing, for not having pride stemming from the ancestry from which one comes.


Such attitudes seem to appear in practice in the more liberal, left-leaning strains of Jewish beliefs, perhaps because of the throwing off of ritual practice that the movement tends to personify as an impediment to assimilation within a broader non-Jewish culture. The more Orthodoxy adherents have, previously, felt that such things should be of lesser concern — but, this has evolved to include a more comprehensive dual-existence with a secular world as time has gone on into the modern world.


What could have transpired to have allowed someone to think that this would be a good idea? Did they want to make more even-handed the score tallies between the numbers of given terrorists toward each movement — Muslim versus Jewish? Did they have a Rightist attitude that didn’t like the Leftist ones espoused within the embodiment of the institutions they attacked, which are mostly ascribed to the Leftist ones? Did they want blame to be ascribed to other groups (it doesn’t seem that any false attributions were ever claimed, so I don’t suspect this will be the case)? Is he identifying with the bad-behavior model to bully others for further concessions, which seems to work in procuring American aid dollars for various causes — the same strategy used by today’s Middle Eastern terrorists to achieve their own aims? It does work, but it shouldn’t make one a hero. In response, Senators have stepped up efforts to assist Jewish communities in security issues propelled by anti-Semitism. Hunh! Well, it won’t help on the conspiracy end of things we’ll be needing to tackle as part of anti-Semitism, now, with this new issue.


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires in days upcoming for our answers, if they ever arrive…


Oster, Marcy / JTA News Brief. “Israeli-American teen arrested in Israel for over 100 JCC bomb threats”. Jewish Telegraphic Agency (; March 23, 2017:





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