Re-View (Randyjw; March 27, 2017)


It was a dark and stormy day

the sky opened up and the howling winds came

the rain splayed against the cornices and eves

buffeting the branches amongst the great elm’s leaves

the house, itself, stood lone and stark

a fortress looming tall as a beacon in the dark

the squirrels nesting by the song of the lark

somewhere in their little cavern in the hollows of the bark

Inside, the cold chambers were being slowly brought back to life

the previous years of dereliction had ignobly exacted their strife

when, first, the mistress had gone

and the master had endured what he could

and the ensuing eras bore upon them and forsooth the gates of wood

The new occupant swept the corners and replaced the shattered panes

what pains had been before were gone, no residue remained

yet, lighted wicks and lamps could not dispel the gloom within

a sadness overtook them in the glades set thick with fern

the darkness enveloped them wholly

the moon gave off its light

the cattails of the marsh glinted solely

upon the waters that reflected the night

a presence emerged in passing

sidling up the weed-stricken path

where used to tend the garden bloomed

but now resembled doom

and from the pocket an object palmed

its metallic edges now rusted

the sharpened blade shone in the light

amidst the stale and musted

approaching the window and blending together

the dark shadows dancing to inclement weather

the face cast in shadows of flickering flame

the arm and blade raised to bear down on the same

the stroke moving deftly against cold, hard glass

restoring the view from old paint on the sash



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