What About It


What About It (Randyjw; March 27, 2017)


Shall we live with passion

following all interests in matters of the heart

or shall we live by pure dictates

societies’ roles for our part

What inspires your compassion

when you never step up to the plate

accusing the downtrodden of blindness

after it’s already sealed their fate

What blessings have they missed counting

by your perfect ten fingers and toes

and why must you gauge their suffering

by standards that are purely your own

Would you trade your crocodile tear loafers

for the bare feet of the soles left unshod

Would you accept pennies for your wingtips and thoughts

In their afflictions no you cannot

These things are glaringly apparent

for you’ve never made reply

to things abhorrently transparent

in the person’s wretchedness before your eyes

I once felt that words spoke more truly than deed

to discover after all was lost

that action most truthfully serves the needs

when lives and truth are at cost

Shall we live in our memories

which may last for a lifetime

or shall we live a life lasting

for memories of all time

The simple issue will never be solved

by writing in riddles, in parable and rhyme



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