Disaster Delayed


Disaster Delayed (Randyjw; March 28, 2017)


Luckily, my newest landlord is a pretty decent guy. He and his partner just decided to allow me to use my original full rent deposit to cover my April rent (but I need to pay a bit extra). Yay! The looming disaster and histrionics has been averted ’til next month — Thank you for your prayers, Dolly and JD, and everybody who helped… They did help! Are they permanent? Well… cuz now I need a good job! Hope my helpful prayer warriors can assist… Wooh-wooh! Thank you, and B”❤H (it came out that way when I typed it; I don’t think it was an accident).


Please know that I’m reading and appreciate your comments, but I’m still too apprehensive, right now, to go back to full commentary, due to possible hacking I may have experienced. I just got a new cable for my phone charger, after buying chargers, like, every couple of months because of cables going bad. I was like, wait… Can’t we just buy a cable? Yes, turns out you can… Don’t think they’re just gonna tell you that, though… So, now it doesn’t take longer than a day to replenish the battery charge, but there’s still some lingering virus or app or something which is draining the battery, in no time flat.


How dependent technology makes us when it fails us at critical moments is absolutely despairing. I couldn’t know if I’d been contacted about possible employment; I couldn’t know what my landlord’s response would be; so much was in the balance. Thankfully, my housing is good for a couple more weeks. I’ve got blood all over my hand from my tumor, though, and I’m just bursting into tears. I’m such a wreck. I don’t even know whether they’re happy or sad tears, from the release of anxiety, or the fact that I’m not interested in dying right now. Let’s postpone that disaster, too. (I hope it’s not too much to ask, L-rd… Please……..).


Thank you for your prayers and I’m happy you read my posts. I’m sorry I’m morose and maudlin, at times, but maybe reading this will give you a smattering of insight into my “why”.



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