Trees, Please


Trees, Please (Randyjw; March 28, 2017)


Can we imagine if we were to have guardian trees?

What would yours, and what would mine, be?

From here, or even from wherever I may be (hee-hee), what I can perfectly see

is that yours would show that the weight of the world, which you have borne almost singly,

will have turned to say thank you, for being the crux of its essential being

and while it may have bent forward under the gravity of its unreleasing

foothold in its grounded reality

its life-giving leaves have branched out in complete degrees of a total 360°

chlorophyll free-forming while birds lay there sleeping

In the midst of this graceful entity

you would encounter its heart on its sleeve

enlarged for all its giving and bearing and beating

And through that, would be embodied

if trees had sleeves and bodies

a laserlike focus made up of moonbeams and sunbeams

shot straight through the heart and enlightening

its burning rays in the perfect spot of healing.

And given to thinking, now what would mine be?

Well, the Koran has already named it as the gharkad tree

It’s a form of hedgerow that’s supposed to protect us

to keep us in hiding when others won’t let us

I can already say that that’s worked for me once

but, I have no preference, be it grand or a stump

They’re all beautiful living things made by G-d,

the prettiest fruit tree, the shade-giving log

But, I think that ALL trees are put here on earth

to show us G-d’s love and to show us His worth.



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