Enhanced (Randyjw; March 29, 2017)


See me as I once was

and not as I’ve become

if my memory fades

when I’m old and grey

I’ll want you to remember my love


I fell in love with you every day

it was never out it was always in

and the best part about it

it didn’t need to be found

it was always there within


Some days just felt different

a breathless heart attack

became more static

and during those times

when I could catch my breath

I realized I could also call you

my best friend


When I can walk on air

I’m buoyed to have you there

and even as my mind creates you

in my dreams in these scenes

you are perfect

you can never let me down


You made my heart break

in so many good ways

You made my soul ache

for future memories that might never take hold

with every word which you said and wrote

while I grew old and faded away



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