Rolling Waves

Rolling Waves (Rachelgv; March 30, 2017)


Put your ear where you can hear

the gently rolling tide

rolling tide

in and out

in and out

side by side

side by side

You’ll hear it when its calling

from that shell

from inside

from the swell

that arises

when the tide blinds my eyes

Listen to the sound

of rocking hands as they sway

to and fro

to and fro

as they go

as they go

Look upon the ground

see on the sand

on the sand

what the sea

left on land

lovely shells

for your hand

many beautiful choices

will awash on the beach

swept to shore

at your feet

and one more

also sweet

Grab it while the crest

will bring it close

to your reach

for someone else

to select

from the heap

of the rest

when no more

the sound you hear

comes from the whelk

to your ear

and driftwood rides

out to sea

on the tides

that were me



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