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New Seat New Fruit Old Seeds Take Root

New Seat, New Fruit, Old Seeds Take Root (Randyjw; April 30, 2017)


The seeds have been transplanted

from container to the ground

into G-d’s safe hands entrusted

for mine were not to be around

If G-d smiles kindly on them

and blesses them with sun and rain and air

I’ll know that I’ve done rightly

by placing them gently in His care.


Wishing you the best, my little grapefruit seeds. May you stay well, and, not just alive, but to thrive and set down roots in the rich earth I’ve carefully created for your home. Love you, tamid va’ed. xoxo.


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Trust Your Doubts


Trust Your Doubts (Randyjw; April 30, 2017)


Run like the wind

When you’ve become entangled in something which leaves you no way out but to sink further within

then gather your courage, stick to your will and your guns, and get out of there just as fast as you can

When the answer becomes as clear as day

and you were made to question what the heart had said with the little protestations it had relayed

don’t let the mind be reeled in by the veneer of a cover in which you will continually doubt the decisions that you’ve made

You will learn that you had always been right and your previous life and self will have to be buried in their proverbial grave

Dig yourself out and relocate to another location

find another place from which to try to rectify the mess from the bed in which you’ve laid in a new, safe haven

and be ever careful not to inflict these same mistakes on the next ones you encounter, as such

for when you accepted the union between controller and user, their problems and your baggage will join to taint all those you touch


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Under Shades Of Blue


Under Shades Of Blue (Randyjw; April 30, 2017)


Believe in you. That’s the best you can do. Believe in a higher power, if that’s your truth.

Knotted with another version, another person, another hue, make sure to color balance correctly, to get the proper, total view.



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Candelika (Randyjw; April 29, 2017)


There comes a time, sometime,

when weariness sets in

and you just keep getting

beaten down,

again and again

It’s hard to dredge up

that energy

to keep you going

through the fire and the rain

but you must somehow

learn to put a foot in front

of the other, just the same

It might be a step between

living and final rest

but existence is certainly

much better than not

And that is what drives you

just to be and do that well

because the candle that

dances with a small flame, at first

survives with the fuel of hope

and that each dark corner it will have brightened

will have been the worst, already past

And each moment, it steps anew

in emboldened waltz of enlightenment

and learns many steps, and dances

wildly and crazily on its own




Instant love.


Am I right?


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See (Randyjw; April 29, 2017)


You can whisper your dreams to the whelk shell on the beach

certain that the words will remain trapped in the spirals inside

You can shout them to the waves that come crashing right in reach

who will carry them back to sea on the next outgoing tide

But it’s the shells found with the holes which make the pendant, chain and rest

for it is they that share those dreams and keep them close to heart and chest


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Beams (Randyjw; April 28, 2017)


Thoughts of you occupy my being and soul

In every day and every hour,

In every ray and every flower

and take me over completely whole


I can do nothing else but feel the merge

that you’ve astrally travelled to fill my vessel

with the eternal essence of your soul

this evening, internally, as your weight settled close by my bones

transported by satellite telepathy across mere electrons through their nodes


Sometimes, you feel like a light touch

with me when I need, yet freely leaving as you please

I said, “please… don’t go…”; but I felt that you did and then were

slowly sliding away, and it was okay,

as it is a special thing, which only certain two can share

for that moment, which can stand in time,

will be its own testament to what was then,

what will eternally be,

and what might never repeat again.


It is; it was; and that is all that really matters —

this circle of life, and atoms, and hearts that shatter continually, and often, together.


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Filled With Surprise

Filled With Surprise (Randyjw; April 28, 2017)


surprised it didn’t go away

surprised that it held fast

surprised that afters had their say

to find that it did last

surprised that it would give you space

surprised it let you breathe

surprised that when you turned around

and found it couldn’t leave

surprised to learn it swayed and bent

surprised and light of air

surprised to find that in the end

what oddly kept it there


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