Genocide: U.S. Reaction and Intervention


Genocide: U.S. Reaction and Intervention (Randyjw; April 11, 2017)


With regard to the Syrian bombing carried out by the U.S. in recent days, the airwaves are ablaze with radio talk show hosts and their call-in listeners opining whether the U.S., Russia, North Korea, Iran or others might escalate the opportunity into a full-blown war.


It’s okay to talk about it, but I think that it can also create unnecessary panic, or self-fulfilling prophecy, as it’s said… a sort of “wishful thinking”, if you will, in bringing it to pass. Needing to create something this dramatic, due to a lack of other news to report, would be absolutely heedless (that’s “headless” and “needless” in a conjoined moment).


So, people and pundits (I hate that word) rehash American intervention, or lack thereof, to various world conflicts in dribs and drabs throughout time and on these shows, without it ever really being all in one place. But, here, and during the time of a particularly sanguine celebration of the festival of Passover, in which Jews laud G-d’s assistance and deliverance of His people from out of Egyptian slavery and into freedom, Rafael Medoff, of, has assembled some of the world’s conflicts, and lists the accompanying U.S. action. I thought it would add a needed element to the backdrop concerning the Passover holiday, this year.


Medoff, Rafael. “US Action Against Genocide: A Brief Guide”.; April 7, 2017:




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