Asleep In The Sea


Asleep In The Sea (Randyjw; April 12, 2017)


Coughing, gasping, gulping salt

I spill and tumble,

pitch and fault

while the trawler’s net

reels in the weight of the haul


Frail and small

I tremble as a man’s loving hands

sorts with wrapped bands

into buckets and cans

lobster, flounder, mollusk, sole


My ochre color belying the

nachre within

He must be a good man,

this fisherman,

to his family and wife

To hold me so gently

and think me beautifully

by kissing my cheek

and saving my life


Off to the sea I fall

caressed to the depths

while I stay discovered

and treasured no less

awoken from slumbering rest

with gifts of everlasting breath

of ivory-sunshine scrimshaw

engraved within my chest




°    ~~~

~~~    °

( ° )   ~~

~~~    ~~~




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