Advice About Advice, Wink


Advice About Advice, Wink (Randyjw; April 23, 2017)


Unsolicited advice,

in my humble opinion,

is usually not-so-nice,

yet, freely given!




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5 responses to “Advice About Advice, Wink

  1. Hahahaha! I was kicking myself about that. But your reply is great, and THAT’S appreciated!

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  2. Thanks, Dolly! And my Pesach, in response to your inquiry, was a non-event. It’ll have to suffice that I’m alive still, Dayenu. Out of almost all money, energy, and slowly, hope. But, not defeated. Still here, Dayenu. Didn’t clean, didn’t rid chametz; frozen pizzas are my cheap staple — what am I gonna do. I pled mercy; it’s not going well for me, but such is some people’s Fate. It does happen to some of us, unfortunately. Zehu.

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