Tree Sun

Tree Sun (Randyjw; April 25, 2017)






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14 responses to “Tree Sun

  1. Beautiful photo and beautiful music – thank you!


    • Thank you, very much, Dolly. I’m happy you liked them. You have interesting taste in music, and I gravitate to the different, as well.

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      • I have classical music background, but I like good music of every genre, as long as it is good.


      • P.S. The soloist is my college classmate.

        I played this concerto in my junior year recital. Not like that, of course!


          • Just giving you an example of my background…


            • What an incredible piece for piano. It looks like alot of fun to play. Of course you played it like that, no?

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              • The way the system worked is we played concertos with someone else, usually the professor, playing the orchestra part on the second piano. Since Morris and I had the same professor, she allowed us “the split”: Part 1 I played solo, and he was “the orchestra, and Parts II and III we switched. I never played like Morris –
                nobody did. He was a genius already in college, and it was an amazing experience to play with him – uplifting! Altogether, I love playing Mozart – as you say, a lot of fun.


                • It’s always rewarding when effort pays off, and neat to know the person behind it. I looked online at the sheet music (curious to know number of pages!) for that piece, and was more surprised by the cost, comparative to decades ago. Shocking; though sheet music has always been a bit on the expensive side, in my opinion!

                  Some particular highlights of that performance for me were the change between 11:00:00 and 12:00:00; the crossovers; and some cool chords struck twoard the end, around 32:29:00, or so. His erect carriage and bearing throughout are so dignified. I still think you would play this piece with exceptional feeling and dexterity, regardless of your humble protestations. (Methinks thou doth protest too much — hah-hah!)…

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                  • The cost of sheet music is something I am not even aware off – never thought of it. I have all my favorite sheet music right here, and in Russia the cost was next to nothing. I don’t know how much it would be now, though.
                    I am not protesting; I wasn’t bad – otherwise our professor would not have paired us off for a recital, but I am not in the same league, believe me! Very few people in the world are.


                    • Copy this Google search: sheet music mozart piano concerto no 20 in d minor, and you’ll see the range — from about $6.00 to almost $42.00, in some places! Maybe the high-end ones are actual historically relevant documents… Yikey-Crikey!

                      Our family knew one of the symphonic players in Fiedler’s Pops. We’d always point the person out to each other… There they are! (name withheld). Celebrated the Fourth of July at the Hatch Shell on the Charles River on several occasions. If you’re gonna be in the U.S. at that time, than what better place to celebrate the freedom of democratic values than in Boston, home of the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere, and the Revolution, where the Redcoats marched all over those towns nearby. Boston Strong!!! Speaking of which, one of my best friends’ relatives was a responder at the scene to the Boston Marathon bombing. May Tsarnaev rot in he….

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