Candelika (Randyjw; April 29, 2017)


There comes a time, sometime,

when weariness sets in

and you just keep getting

beaten down,

again and again

It’s hard to dredge up

that energy

to keep you going

through the fire and the rain

but you must somehow

learn to put a foot in front

of the other, just the same

It might be a step between

living and final rest

but existence is certainly

much better than not

And that is what drives you

just to be and do that well

because the candle that

dances with a small flame, at first

survives with the fuel of hope

and that each dark corner it will have brightened

will have been the worst, already past

And each moment, it steps anew

in emboldened waltz of enlightenment

and learns many steps, and dances

wildly and crazily on its own




Instant love.


Am I right?


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