Thoughts Today

Thoughts Today (Randyjw; May 6, 2017)


There is, really, profound thoughts expressed by those whom others would deem a bit outside of the normal channels of the mental realm. This isn’t my first uncovering of this realization, but a chance to experience it more fully in my physical world, presently. It’s extremely enjoyable to have refreshing conversations with individuals who one might not come into contact with on a regular basis; those with oddities, eccentricities, and bold, new perspectives. I love it.


Today’s hangout was with an individual said, by him, to be scorned quite regularly by others. I found him to be, perhaps, a possible prophetlike person. He refuses, like a monk, to take for himself, and only what he gets from others will he use/eat/enjoy. He takes asceticism quite seriously. It turns out that he says he’s a poet, a great artist, and likes science. Would love to see his work.


Later today, someone broke the pop-up handle on my heavy suitcase. Wheeling it around all day will be close to impossible, nor can I loop some other bags around it, like I had been doing. This is going to be impossible. My skin couldn’t take another second in the sun, or I’ll break out in sun poisoning; I’m so burnt and my lips are so cracked. I’m exhausted beyond belief, and can’t even think straight. It was a wonder I wrote a poem. I’m insane over you. My downfall slowly documented.


I’ve been sad thinking tomorrow was Mother’s Day, but I see that doesn’t come until next Sunday.



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