cc (Randyjw; May 8, 2017 / Posted: May 9, 2017)


The world is full of people’s pain

Reading of yours adds to mine

If I could spare yours, I would

If I add to your sorrow

I have nothing to gain

I’ve given the best representation I can

of the person I am

and the place in which I’m in

If you’re disappointed in that

I cannot fulfill more of your needs

That makes me sad

Perhaps you may not realize I once stood

where you were

I said the same things and felt the same way

and it saddens me when forever things changed

And I try to impart that to you

through what I relate and the things that I say

It doesn’t change my feelings,

and I would frankly be dismayed

to find that you had to walk in my shoes

and wound up being treated this way

You can’t understand now

nor, if ever, could it be that you may

but what you don’t realize in my love

is that it has to be this way, no other

Most would find this unacceptable

deemed selfish to my own terms, as such

labels would be applied, like ‘conditional’

too-free, yet not, and often, too much

Some people do things and hope to clear a path

it’s the greatest form of love to try to steer one from going down a tested route leading to the deep abyss

I would rather do this and be tormented with your judgement, disappointment and skyview heights

Because as supercilious as I once was,

the least I can do in crossing your path

is to let my own message help to keep yours right

You might not want or need my thoughts

and you might not take it in the right way

You can think what you want, and say what you say,

But, believe me, you cut me to the core and strip me in threads

You have no right to measure the quantity I’ve bled



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