A Sprouting Seed

A Sprouting Seed (Randyjw; May 15, 2017)


Without due favor

it was claimed by some

that the fruits of its labor

would never come

that its surface exterior

was too hard to crack

that its hollow interior

could never give back

But the little tree fruit

grew green, then yellow

destined to take root

amongst its compatriot fellows

It nursed in the pods

and drew strength from its provider

with the nectar of the gods

it grew bigger and stronger

And one day it broke off

from the hordes of the rest

its source shared with love

from the self it knew best

Its milk tasted sweet

its oils of pure notes

its flesh good to eat

of good fiber its coat

And one came along

who discovered this prize

a cherished song sung

and with wizened eyes

Uncovered further goodness

of the one that rolled astray

whether enriched with its present nutrients

or set in earth to be a tree, someday



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