May 28 2017


May 28, 2017 (Randyjw)


I  was stuck in a torrential downpour again; it leaked into my suitcase without me realizing it, and now some of my clothes have become a bit moldy. They’re drying in the sun, and then I’ll handwash them, when I can sneak around and get to do it, somewhere. Unbelievable.


Got a free “Obamaphone”; that will help when the service on my paid phone expires, since I cannot afford another month. The rest of my other things will probably be gotten rid of, too. Oh, well.


I did help another girl with cancer by using my phone to help try to get transportation for her to be able to go to her chemo and follow-up appointments; I hope it works out for her. I knew about the service by having looked into it previously for a friend diagnosed with breast cancer.


Though I may be at a low time in my life, I can still try to do nice things for people, regardless how others might view me or my situation.



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  1. Happy sun-face and heart. I have yet to find any emojis on this phone.

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