The Dolphin Play

The Dolphin Play (Randyjw; May 29, 2017)


The sea was a keeper of secrets

great things that fell into the vast abyss

taking root along the stretch of coral reefs built

to support an odyssey of an underwater ecosystem

whether the chambered nautilus in its brown and white gown

or the built-up nachre of the mother-of-pearl shell

men who plied these waters all had their tales to tell

The scalloped oyster and its rounded pearl within

or the giant squid and its purple-black ink

from which were written the songs of the pirate’s den

and of those who drowned

in the words of the siren’s song and the depths of the love told therein

The dolphin mate paired with a friend

to somersault in the water and leap in a rhythm designed just by them

dappled sun on their backs and the green bed of the tides

following the main sail’s shadowing mast as their guide



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