The Girls’ Provocation Continues


The Girls’ Provocation Continues (Randyjw; May 31, 2017)


Do you like soap operas? Serial drama? I never much cared for it. I once worked out of a lady’s home for her business, handcrafting marbleized and stenciled pencils, coasters, placemats and clipboards. It was a great job, and I worked there around school schedules, etc., including breaks. She loved “Days of Our Lives” and would stop work at that time, feed me some lettuce and carrots, perhaps some cottage cheese, and we’d watch the show. True, it was addictive if you tune in all the time, but it never became a habit for me to break.


I know other people who are fans of the show, and not much on the show had really changed in the decades since I’d first viewed it. My mother eventually became addicted to the show. And do you remember the friend I had told you about who wouldn’t give me back my job at the print shop? I had gotten her a job with this lady, as well, and it wasn’t much later that she began to badmouth me and complain about me, and I then found myself soon without a job. Everything had been fine for a loooong time, prior to her joining on. Oh, well. I used to work for her Dad’s store downtown after school, etc. Often they picked me up, but at a later point I also commuted by public transportation.




The drama is just a segue for the latest episode of: “As the Shelter Spins”.


In today’s episode, the “charger situation” had been resolved with the ingenious mattress (mat) planogram devised by the “false accusationer”, the pink-haired “K”. The girls were all present to hear the fix and to see the results in action. The mats were laid. Each had an outlet. Nirvana.


Randy stays in the lobby, where all girls are to remain for at least two hours, until the last of the girls have had their showers, and until beds are assigned (called), etc. We did “beds” earlier, though, based on this new planogram.


People began to retire a bit early to the room. There was some kind of weird tension in the air. I decided that I didn’t want to be the only one caught in the lobby on some weird condition I wasn’t aware of, so I went into the room. I made up my bed with my own coverlet (it’s like a duvet cover, with a top and bottom sewn together; it actually was a comforter cover with the batting removed) and my makeshift pillow (I have a pillow with me, but don’t use it here), which is a towel-covered duffel bag filled with odds and ends. All good.


I go back to the lobby, not yet ready for sleep, and when I return, I find that somebody has taken my outlet spot, and the cable cord extends past the girl beside me to the next person. The girl next to me this evening is the one with cancer, who has been using my phone, anyway, so I don’t think it’s her phone and I can’t imagine that she would want all my charge to be depleted. But, she also let me fall to the wolves without even intervening to mention my assistance and to say, “Hey; comeon…. You’re picking apart a nice person, who goes out of their way to help others… Would you lay off the poor girl?” But, no… She might have one outlet, but I can’t imagine she’d be the culprit for the second.


Now I’m tired. I would like to lie down on my mat like all the rest of these “b’s” are doing with their phones, but they clearly are making a provocation against me by doing this. So, I’m being forced to stay up in the lobby to get my phone charged (and to write this post). And if I say anything, I’ll be banned from “the vicinity” and the shelter. Alot of them are ex-jailbirds. G-d, what “h” is this…



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