Guess Who The Perps Are


Guess Who The Perps Are (Randyjw; June 1, 2017)


The cancer patient wound up asking other people if she could use their phone today, instead of me. The day I wanted to spend anywhere but at the soup kitchen was instead spent sitting there, in a state of almost total disbelief, that she didn’t even bother to ask me for the phone, or tell me that she didn’t need it, after all, and let me get on with my own things. But, she wound up redeeming herself, in a manner of sorts.


The guy interrupting me and wanting to use my phone to see about food stamps he never received, but which won’t matter because he’s moving to another state and will have to reapply with the new state, anyways, also disappeared into the woodwork. Good. I was in a bad mood and really want to help myself, for a change.


I was also told that the two perps who put their phones in mine and the cancer patient’s wall outlet last evening, which kept me in the shelter lobby until midnight, were none other than “H” and “D”.


I looked up “D” online and don’t find anything, really. I looked up temper tantrum, “H” (it’s worse than that; I’m being kind) and found out she advertises as a housekeeper, nanny, companion, house-sitter. I know her behavior and do not advise this, at all. This is anonymous enough not to identify a protected individual, but to state what I’ve seen and how I feel about the issue. Since the person can’t be identified, there is no problem, here.



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