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Trump Suggestion Box

Trump Suggestion Box (Randyjw; July 28, 2017)


You know I “love” Donald Trump, but I thought this was funny, nonetheless…

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Still Know

Still Know (Randyjw; July 27, 2017)


Tell me of your home;

of the child you were

and the places you roamed


Let me know

of the lessons you learned

imparted to youth

which the old ones would tell


stories regaled

in the tales of the bold

The pieces you kept

at heart’s depth in each fold


and what was left

coming into your own


I want to know…



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Misplaced Crown


Misplaced Crown (Randyjw; July 27, 2017)


Last night, in a discussion with one of the shelter program participants running the shift at the front desk, the “blessing” she bestowed on me was taken back upon learning that I am Jewish. She declared me the “anti-Christ”.


First of all, while the shelter may have its mission statement ensconced in Christian beliefs; and while an individual’s personal expression of faith may not wholly represent the views of the organization, as a whole… the shelter does, I believe, still receive public funds allotted them by the state, and it’s pretty horrible to face this hostility in such a vulnerable situation as I am in, and to be discriminated against, like this. I was less-tolerant in previous times, when I went to the same shelter group, and then left the facility due to Christian discrimination, yet again, when a visiting lecturer asked if any “Children of Israel” were present, and when some of us raised our hands, he said that he couldn’t say what he had wanted to, because of our presence there!


As far as this most recent incident involving this girl illustrates to me, is that I apparently know the beliefs her religion encompasses better than she does, as she is unaware that her Christian religion fancies that the so-called “anti-Christ” will be reigning in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, I’m living in America…


Has anybody seen my crown?


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Clarion Project Removed From YouTube


Yesterday, I received an email from Clarion Project, the group that helps raise awareness of people, mostly of Arab and Christian backgrounds, being persecuted by radical Islamists, stating that YouTube has taken down their website. If you have followed this group or my posts about them, you’ll, perhaps, see this as I do: as an act of unfair discrimination against people who are sticking up for the rights of others to live freely in their own skins, with their own religions intact, etc.





It would seem to me that Clarion Project is performing a service to the community in raising awareness of hate groups that do target and kill others, based on others’ religious affiliation; yet, YouTube seems to want to punish those who would raise their voices against such practices. This doesn’t make sense.


Make YouTube see! Perhaps you can write to YouTube and help Clarion Project regain their “site”. Here is another YouTube Contact page:




As always, thank you for your help….


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Of Dusk And Us

Of Dusk And Us (Randyjw; July 23, 2017)


I see you

standing there

at the balustrade,

arms crossed,

Awaiting again

for love to remain – –

Not the bittersweet loss

that already came…

But the one that will stay

Like the bright light

of the eternal flame

that I hold in my heart

and need release just the same

but, can still

never can


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Crossings (Randyjw: July 19, 2017)


Paths cross in events

that are always fateful;

Sometimes they’re hopeful —

at other times, fatal.


We might feel invisible…

take them for attractions,

deem those fixations,

absorbing distractions.


Both hands and fingers

also do sometimes cross:

that what often lingers

is never lost


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Love (Four)

Love (Four) (Randyjw; July 15, 2017)


For you I hope

all the best in life

children, and home,

a loving wife

Someone to hold you

and someone who cares

someone that’ll love you

who’ll always be there

For these you deserve

and I hope G-d agrees

happiness He’ll serve

to grant you all these


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