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Trump Suggestion Box

Trump Suggestion Box (Randyjw; July 28, 2017)


You know I “love” Donald Trump, but I thought this was funny, nonetheless…

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Still Know

Still Know (Randyjw; July 27, 2017)


Tell me of your home;

of the child you were

and the places you roamed


Let me know

of the lessons you learned

imparted to youth

which the old ones would tell


stories regaled

in the tales of the bold

The pieces you kept

at heart’s depth in each fold


and what was left

coming into your own


I want to know…



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Misplaced Crown


Misplaced Crown (Randyjw; July 27, 2017)


Last night, in a discussion with one of the shelter program participants running the shift at the front desk, the “blessing” she bestowed on me was taken back upon learning that I am Jewish. She declared me the “anti-Christ”.


First of all, while the shelter may have its mission statement ensconced in Christian beliefs; and while an individual’s personal expression of faith may not wholly represent the views of the organization, as a whole… the shelter does, I believe, still receive public funds allotted them by the state, and it’s pretty horrible to face this hostility in such a vulnerable situation as I am in, and to be discriminated against, like this. I was less-tolerant in previous times, when I went to the same shelter group, and then left the facility due to Christian discrimination, yet again, when a visiting lecturer asked if any “Children of Israel” were present, and when some of us raised our hands, he said that he couldn’t say what he had wanted to, because of our presence there!


As far as this most recent incident involving this girl illustrates to me, is that I apparently know the beliefs her religion encompasses better than she does, as she is unaware that her Christian religion fancies that the so-called “anti-Christ” will be reigning in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, I’m living in America…


Has anybody seen my crown?


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Clarion Project Removed From YouTube


Yesterday, I received an email from Clarion Project, the group that helps raise awareness of people, mostly of Arab and Christian backgrounds, being persecuted by radical Islamists, stating that YouTube has taken down their website. If you have followed this group or my posts about them, you’ll, perhaps, see this as I do: as an act of unfair discrimination against people who are sticking up for the rights of others to live freely in their own skins, with their own religions intact, etc.





It would seem to me that Clarion Project is performing a service to the community in raising awareness of hate groups that do target and kill others, based on others’ religious affiliation; yet, YouTube seems to want to punish those who would raise their voices against such practices. This doesn’t make sense.


Make YouTube see! Perhaps you can write to YouTube and help Clarion Project regain their “site”. Here is another YouTube Contact page:




As always, thank you for your help….


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Of Dusk And Us

Of Dusk And Us (Randyjw; July 23, 2017)


I see you

standing there

at the balustrade,

arms crossed,

Awaiting again

for love to remain – –

Not the bittersweet loss

that already came…

But the one that will stay

Like the bright light

of the eternal flame

that I hold in my heart

and need release just the same

but, can still

never can


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Crossings (Randyjw: July 19, 2017)


Paths cross in events

that are always fateful;

Sometimes they’re hopeful —

at other times, fatal.


We might feel invisible…

take them for attractions,

deem those fixations,

absorbing distractions.


Both hands and fingers

also do sometimes cross:

that what often lingers

is never lost


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Love (Four)

Love (Four) (Randyjw; July 15, 2017)


For you I hope

all the best in life

children, and home,

a loving wife

Someone to hold you

and someone who cares

someone that’ll love you

who’ll always be there

For these you deserve

and I hope G-d agrees

happiness He’ll serve

to grant you all these


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Love (Three)

Love (Three) (Randyjw; July 15, 2017)


Love One, Me

Love Two, You

Love Three, We


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Love (Two)

Love (Two) (Randyjw; July 15, 2017)


Never thought I’d depend

way too heavily upon

your presence

to pull me through

to the end

Don’t want to guilt you

and you’re free as a bird

to wheel around through the sky

and find better suit


I appreciate your person

and don’t know what I even do

but I try to razz you up

hoping somehow that it helps you, too


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Deja Vous

Deja Vous (Randyjw; July 15; 2017)


It’s strange to find

that though you look

to the world

with solely just one mind

and from just one end,

To discover there

on the opposite side

one who sees things alike

as through the

exact same lens


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Live Again

Live Again (Randyjw; July 13, 2017)


The truce agreed in saying

in truth will be defied

and riches that are gained

may not be realized


Unshackle every chain

if freedom you must buy

The body might be lain

but the soul again shall rise


A rumor in the main

might mask a thin disguise

A false emotion feigned

compounding every lie


Assumptive statements deigned

won’t then materialize

As peace cannot then reign

where vengeful thoughts reside


It only causes pain

and hearts to slowly die

This feeling can’t sustain

although it often tries


Release the falling rain

held back by clouded eyes

Love is not in vain

in the places hatred abides


Share joy and tears again

and live forgived in life

Happiness will remain

in the spaces sadness hides.


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Longward On

Longward On (Randyjw; July 12, 2017)


The long trek

of a thousand feet

the faceless, displaced

the nameless, unmet

The journey to shelter

just past the next hill

Behind, the wreckage

wrought by orders to kill

reaching the crest

the zenith of purposeful mind

test of mettle and will

to leave it all behind

the road in rubble

piled high with remorse

the hilltops beckon

paths trodden by horse

The grey hood shuts out

the merciless night

the amber of daybreak

marks countless days’ plight

Strike the tent peg

to solid ground

a hollow victory

in another round


Inspired by Yasmin Khan’s powerful imagery in “Blood on the Bluebells”:


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Can You Say: “Code Violations”?

Can You Say: “Code Violations”? (Randyjw; July 10, 2017)


(Gross Subject Matter: Readers Be Advised)


Some updates on: ” As The Shelter Spins”…


The air conditioner has been either out or malfunctioning for several days at the shelter, so they have some floor and stand fans going. Let me tell you just how uncomfortable it feels to have full-blast fans blaring while you sit for six hours in soaking wet clothes that you got caught in a downpour in. I just did.


Me and two other girls were almost arrested for sitting in an empty parking lot. One car arrived; then two more showed up for backup. Luckily, we were released without further consequence, because there have been no warrants put out for us.


They actually did start breaking small soap bars into pieces to give us for our 10-minute, or less, showers — unwrapped and handled innumerable times for our non-sanitary non-protection.


The towels have become smaller, still — now they’re about 1/3-strip of a ripped dishtowel.


I was in an argument, yet again, with tonight’s supervisor. They aren’t paid workers, but homeless stiffs, like me, who happen instead to be in the program, and have to work, for free, helping to run this place, even though they have real employees who don’t have to do the drudgework they make us do, and they receive more money, per homeless head, then I could spend at a mid-grade hotel — perhaps even one with a pool! Usually we arrange our mats and move the desks from the classroom, ourselves (I usually wind up being the one to put it all back in the morning), but, this time, the desk-duty person did it, and it’s a horrible arrangement; not well-planned and taking too much space. However, she has a desk blocking access to the fire extinguisher (bottom photo), and another desk blocking access to the restroom, leaving only about an 18″ inch wide passageway to it. At least they started reopening the classroom bathroom to us, again, which is a good thing, because I had a little bit of an accident in the middle of the night having to walk some way down the hallway to the other side.


Now they’re sniffing drinks. I had to throw away my bottled iced tea, because I didn’t want breathed-out nose vapors in my drink that the Middle Eastern-looking bag-checker had to smell. Would you? I feel bad that they’re making him do that.


That’s about it for fun and games, right now. Stay tuned for more episodes of “As The Shelter Spins”.


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Randy’s Reviews: Chandra, by Catherine Coulter




Randy’s Reviews: Chandra, by Catherine Coulter (Randyjw; July 9, 2017)


I still have two pages left to finish this book, which I hope to do later this evening — but, I thought I’d write and post this review beforehand, nevertheless. This is another of those well-timed messages that seem to pop-up out of nowhere, perfectly attuned to your own peculiar situation and personality, lending it great resonance to your life at the specific time. And so it was with me, with regards to this particular book.


Chandra, the main character about whom the novel revolves, is a teenaged girl growing up in a patrician world, where women are expected to willingly tend to all household duties in their arranged marriages to bridegrooms chosen by their fathers. But Chandra’s tomboy tendencies, indulged by her father, clearly clash with others’ expectations for her, especially of the man who wishes to wed her (who is, also, thank goodness, her father’s pre-arranged choice).


The novel is set in medieval England during a period of active monarchy and feudalism, with all its attendant treacheries amongst the knighthood — the backstabbing, the clannishness, the alliances of convenience, like marriage, as appropos as any war strategies to expand land holdings and power.


Chandra’s headstrong, feminist tendencies lead to many adventures, and some troubles, as she learns how to negotiate her way in a male-oriented world. I find her quandary as relevant today, as they were in the days, centuries ago, of the timeframe which this novel portrays. Some of the issues are very disturbing, and the content is aimed for a mature audience. Because of that, I almost did not do the review. The way the issues are presented is as if seen through the lens of the century in which it falls. For instance, child marriage is seen as a more commonplace occurence. Women treated as chattel like objects, through trafficking and slavery, placement in a harem, and subservient to men is also some treatment themes addressed throughout the book, as are stereotypical depictions of the Muslim rulers fought against during the Crusades, written about as through the English, Christian perspective taken here.


I found that the style of the written language lent itself to far greater civility than our present structural usage employs and was, indeed, quite lovely in its romantic interludes. There was a beautiful poem in this style, for which more I’d hoped to be scattered throughout the book. There were, additionally, some rather descriptive page lengths of love scenes written out that would have steamed up my glasses, had I been wearing them.


Author Catherine Coulter’s biographic pictorial photo and her character, Chandra, were well-relatable to me, and I appreciated her usage of the name, Chandra, for her heroine, as I feel it gives a tributary nod and thoughtful gesture — much needed — for a poor girl, Chandra Levy, murdered recently, as all murders are, under suspicious circumstances.


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Love (One)

Love (One) (Randyjw; July 7, 2017)


What is this mad obsession

named love,

but a strange sort of possession

inescapably sent from above?

Rushing in to fill

every space and thought;

Ousting all others

and displacing what was naught

I sometimes wonder

whether one should be distraught,

as I sit and ponder:

Does this feeling ever stop?


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