Longward On

Longward On (Randyjw; July 12, 2017)


The long trek

of a thousand feet

the faceless, displaced

the nameless, unmet

The journey to shelter

just past the next hill

Behind, the wreckage

wrought by orders to kill

reaching the crest

the zenith of purposeful mind

test of mettle and will

to leave it all behind

the road in rubble

piled high with remorse

the hilltops beckon

paths trodden by horse

The grey hood shuts out

the merciless night

the amber of daybreak

marks countless days’ plight

Strike the tent peg

to solid ground

a hollow victory

in another round


Inspired by Yasmin Khan’s powerful imagery in “Blood on the Bluebells”:




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One response to “Longward On

  1. Wow. This was just one of those stream of conscience poems based on imagery running through my head, as my next one (Live Again) also is. I’m never sure these type make any sense. In this instance, it was about Syrian refugees, but could as easily pertain to any other people, as well. The hollow victory is due to the fact that it’s war; further, that it’s between countrymen, though others have gotten themselves involved. It ‘s senseless, but must continue in order to conclude, now, nevertheless. I prefer your take on the personal aspect, actually; it lends it a more interesting perspective. Thanks! 🙂

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