Clarion Project Removed From YouTube


Yesterday, I received an email from Clarion Project, the group that helps raise awareness of people, mostly of Arab and Christian backgrounds, being persecuted by radical Islamists, stating that YouTube has taken down their website. If you have followed this group or my posts about them, you’ll, perhaps, see this as I do: as an act of unfair discrimination against people who are sticking up for the rights of others to live freely in their own skins, with their own religions intact, etc.





It would seem to me that Clarion Project is performing a service to the community in raising awareness of hate groups that do target and kill others, based on others’ religious affiliation; yet, YouTube seems to want to punish those who would raise their voices against such practices. This doesn’t make sense.


Make YouTube see! Perhaps you can write to YouTube and help Clarion Project regain their “site”. Here is another YouTube Contact page:




As always, thank you for your help….



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