In Memoriam To Miss Pink Hair

In Memoriam To Miss Pink Hair (Randyjw; August 27, 2017)


Hypocritical it would seem

to sing your praises

and pass them on

When the same stood by

and denied you your song

that your soft voice was singing

all along

Too late — I’m sorry.





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2 responses to “In Memoriam To Miss Pink Hair

  1. Yep. No matter what people may have done personally to someone, it still can be a shock when they pass away. I’m having a bit of a hard time with this one, because Ms. Pink Hair is the one who falsely accused me of being drunk, and the shelter forced to take a breathalyzer. I wrote her up for it and also wrote her up for another abusive incident when she called a Black person the “N” word, plus other derogatory names. Ms. Pink Hair passed away, and I have guilt in wondering whether my actions might have caused any repercussive effects at her end, since she had left the shelter, and I don’t know whether it was by choice or by consequence. She seemed happy, in her replies to people, about moving on and out of the shelter, and I know that responsibility for her outbursts are her own physical/emotional/mental reality; yet, just the same, I now have that sortof guilty by association thing on my conscience. Perhaps writing her up was overzealous on my part — but someone unrelated to the incidents did thank me for writing the report on the “N” word. So many other people were there for both incidents, but did nothing. I just thought the Black person didn’t deserve that awful discrimination, so I did what I could. Poor girl is dead, though. My G-d…

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    • Oh, how sweet; thanks for that. Life brings us many learning and growing opportunities, and those kick-yourself moments help you grow. Sorry to hear about your friend. It’s not really my atonement, but my way to do something for someone. When a person is homeless, it seems already that there isn’t enough care or support necessarily surrounding that person to help them. I hope I wasn’t the nail to seal her coffin, but I feel good to at least make myself pay respects and remember her good points — she did have them.

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