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Erev Yom Kippur 5778

Erev Yom Kippur 5778 (Randyjw; September 29, 2017)


Today in the Jewish calendar marks the ten-day period of our most solemn holiday observance, known as Yom Kippur. Considered “The High Holidays”, in English, Jews the world over are expected to pray together in a house of worship to ask G-d and man for forgiveness for their sins; to be absolved from forgotten vows; to make amends and atone for wrongs committed; to be better people in this new year.


It is a confluence of heavy-heartedness particularly fitting my personal feelings at this juncture in my life, specific to these days and times. We are commanded to abstain from food and other pleasures today, and to break the fast tomorrow.


Today I learned that I will not be able to renew my food stamps through the soup kitchen agency, as the lice condition plaguing me (see Passover) prevents my entrance. I cannot eat there, for the same reason; nor can I be housed under shelter. My remaining food stamp balance is less than fifteen dollars, and I’m not sure when it will be refilled. I did find a box of cinnamon Life cereal yesterday, which someone kindly left at the bus stop and which I just finished nibbling, but I guess the mandate to fast will be imposed from On High, as well. The cereal name is fittingly translated in Hebrew as “Chai” — therefore, a hearty, Hebrew “L’Chaim” toast is being sent to all, meaning “To Life!”


In present, and in reality, I sit in a drizzle of cold rain with a new, itchy growth on my back, atop my cardboard and beneath a foam sheet of packing material, swatting at swarms of non-observant mosquitoes out for blood this evening, blending sorrow, tears, and contriteness… wishing for your forgiveness, telling you I am sorry for my wrongful ways and actions, and wishing that your prayers (and mine) will carry to G-d’s ears.


May we be healed in all ways; Amen.


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Incense (Randyjw; September 27, 2017)


Upon the ground

lay ten joss sticks

still in their plastic

Kissed by the moss

and then by my lips

Fragrance of earth’s incense

to perfume my bed

A visit by a stranger

never again

but one now known to me

in my heart and my head


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Ring (Randyjw; September 27, 2017)


Most beautiful thing

your long, bronzed arms and the sight

of your wedding ring


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Happy New Year




Happy New Year (Randyjw; September 20, 2017)

Chag Rosh HaShanah Sameach! Happy New Year! May your New Year be sweet and happily blessed!

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Call Me Bugs

Call Me Bugs (Randyjw; September 19, 2017)


I went into a gas station, asked the Arab employee for scissors, and chopped off all my hair; I have lice. Disgusting! Contracted, most probably, from the other itching girls at the shelter. Made my initial appointment with my new healthcare people, saw them, and they also confirmed that my tumor is indeed cancer. Got a prescription for medication for this malady, went way out of my way on a bus journey to procure it, only to find out that they didn’t fill it because it can be bought over the counter, which I can’t afford! I had received three days’ approval to stay at the shelter, but cannot do so. I’m not the originator of the lice, but am probably being spoken of, as such. I have to sleep out somewhere, which I also did last night, and was bitten to death by no-see-ums all night long, and my arms are all sore, bumpy, and itchy. I am so tired of being homeless.

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Freedom Center Ensnared in Blacklist Dragnet

Freedom Center Ensnared in Blacklist Dragnet (Randyjw; September 18, 2017)


The David Horowitz Freedom Center, affiliated with and an outgrowth of FrontPage Mag, has been ensnared in the Left’s targets for persecution. Over the years, FrontPage Mag has provided an outlet and groomed talent for the type of hard-hitting journalism that has appeared in its pages online — stories you’d never read in left-wing media. Because of the success of such individuals like Joe Kaufman, who brought you stories of the Boca Raton mosque, and Daniel Greenfield, who always has a pulse on trending terror topics, the Left has sought to continually attack Mr. Horowitz’s projects to cease further embarrassment and investigation into their actions. The Freedom Center needs your help and continued financial support to counteract these actions and to allow their services to remain ongoing in the good work that they do. I have been given permission to reblog their latest email appeal indicating just some of the recent attacks they have endured, and was so alarmed I asked if they would allow me to repost this at my site. Luckily, they agreed. Here it is. I don’t connect to their donation site, if you had it in mind to assist their efforts, but you can go directly to their website and help them directly there, which is:



Dear Friends,

The Left is trying to put the Freedom Center on a blacklist of “hate groups” and run it out of business.

The leftists masterminding the blacklist get results by convincing sites like PayPal to stop taking donations for mainstream conservative organizations like the Freedom Center as a way of “stopping hate.”

It convinced Guidestar, the premier rating site for non-profits, to designate us a “hate group” to scare off donors.

And last week, a leftist site called announced a campaign to force Visa and MasterCard to stop processing funds for 100 conservative groupsincluding the Freedom Center.

Friends, this is serious.

The Left is using the “hate” libel to remove the Freedom Center and other mainstream conservative groups from the national political conversation and smother free speech in America.

This is a new and sinister tactic and could be successful if we don’t act now. That’s why we need your help.

Will you sign our STOP THE BLACKLIST Petition right away?

The Blacklist is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftwing smear site which began its career decades ago attacking actual hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan…

…but over the years shifted its agenda to discrediting an array of conservative organizations and individuals who happen to disagree with its far-left agendas.

As one of SPLC’s own executives, Mark Potock, admitted in an unguarded moment, “Our criteria for a ‘hate group’ has nothing to do with criminality or violence… It’s strictly ideological.”

In a saner time, the Southern Poverty Law Center would be dismissed as a nasty fringe organization.

But in today’s inflamed political atmosphere where fake news has replaced the real thing, the SPLC blacklist of “hateful” conservative groups has been accepted by credulous liberal media outlets like CNN and by social media sites like Facebook and Google, which have posted the SPLC’s slanders as though they came from a non-partisan authority.

In fact, no organization in America has spewed more hate than the SPLC itself.

In 2012, after reading about the Family Research Council on the SPLC website, a man named Floyd Lee Corkins walked into the FRC headquarters with an automatic pistol and would have “killed as many of them as possible” if he hadn’t been stopped by a security guard whom he badly wounded.

And over the summer, a man named James Hodgkin stalked a Congressional baseball practice and shot Congressman Steve Scalise and two security guards because he had read that Scalise was a racist on the SPLC Facebook page.

Real hate has real consequences.


Friends, the Freedom Center is fighting back against the Southern Poverty Law Center and the blacklist it has created.

Our lawyers have gotten Pay Pal and Guidestar to rescind their listing of us as a “hate group,” and are working on, Discover, CNN and Google.

We are in this fight not only to protect our own ability to continue raising the funds that allow us to be the left’s worst enemy, but also to make sure that the left does not stamp out conservatism in this country along with free speech itself.

That’s why I’m asking you to sign the STOP THE BLACKLIST Petition today.

Because this fight must now take place in the legal arena, it will be costly. That’s why after signing the petition I ask you to make a donation to ensure that the Freedom Center is able to continue its battle against the advances of the Left.

Hate has indeed been unleashed in America today. And it comes primarily from the left – its blacklisting organizations like the SPLC and its street-fighting thugs like the so called “Antifa.” Hate is the left’s middle name.

Thank you for taking a stand this leftwing hate, the real hate afflicting our country, by supporting us in a time of need.

David Horowitz
David Horowitz


The David Horowitz Freedom Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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Invisible Man

Invisible Man (Randyjw; September 16, 2017)


It’s nice to have a friend;

Not so nice

when given reason to end

My heart was another’s

and I’d told you where I’d stand

Perhaps you were jealous

of an invisible man

but the only one I loved

has been just he who held my hand


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Words I Didn’t Know

Words I Didn’t Know (Randyjw; September 16, 2017)


You told me so

in words I didn’t know

the needed

and necessary

what little we knew

the unspoken


and how much we grew

how much

it was needed

to let you know

how very much

I love you so

and not

whether or not

we stay or go


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Close (Randyjw; September 7, 2017)


In delusion,

I once believed myself

void of most unattractive traits

reserved quite wholly for those

of small mind and selfish faith,

thereby inclined

and now

In seclusion,

I find that

my standards of grandiosity

may once have been

and now are not

Yet, I know they are attained

by one, and just the same

my preference falls

to imagining you here

despite the absence as clear

as the reality

which I ignore

For there has to be

some residual enduring hope

some alternate duality

whereby with which to cope

in sewing together


yet feeling you so close


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Backpack And Documents Stolen

Backpack And Documents Stolen (Randyjw; September 7, 2017)


This is my colorful High Sierra backpack, which was just recently stolen, along with most of my documents; my clear toiletry kit stuffed with grooming and hygiene items was also taken, along with a separate bag filled with conditioning shampoo, body lotion and something else. This backpack worked great; it had a chuck across the chest to distribute the weight, and inside it were my documents, like tax returns, receipts to keep track of income/expenses, all my medical history, housing history, etc. I suppose next that I’ll be targetted for identity theft. My little tins filled with junk tidbits were also taken. My black crossbody bag, filled with underwear and socks was taken. I, unfortunately, have suspects in mind. All these things are personal items to me and prevent me from having new, clean under garments, and to move ahead in the world and, of course, I  wouldn’t loan or share these things with others…


Other things previously stolen from me was my comforter coverlet, my solar-powered lamp, and maybe other things.


I didn’t get into the shelter tonight, and bad weather is headed across the country, and world, real soon. I may not be able to recharge my phone for several days ahead, if that might be the case, and I seem to be being put right in the thick of the bad weather with no thought from the shelter pertinent to my well-being.


“F” “U”, taxpayer-funded, Christian, piece of  @#$&  shelter.


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Impressions Of A Smile

Impressions Of A Smile (Randyjw; September 4, 2017)


Love is blind. She cried.

with fingers pressed to my eyes…

my own starry night


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Tree Monster Waving “Hi!”

Tree Monster Waving “Hi!” (Randyjw; September 3, 2017)


Once upon a time

in a land that wasn’t mine

I had a funny dream that made me start

The vision I could see

was something foreign as could be

for it came right from my mind and not my heart

But minds play funny gags

full of tricks right from the bags

you can buy in little shops right off the Ave

For I could swear I saw this tree

that was waving right at me

and that’s something no-one else had ever had

And there, right in plain sight

it was giving me a fright

this tree monster that was wildly waving its way

for I knew not how to read

if its leaves were rustling, “leave”

or if, instead, I should look how the tree did sway

Was it scary? Does it bite?

I know not its genus or type

But, I do know it makes shade that’s cool and dark

And I know G-d has plied His trade

in all good things that He has made

so, I guess the skin upon its trunk was just its bark



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And I Too


And I, Too (Randyjw; September 3, 2017)


And I, too

have done so, too, dear

because of, and solely

by you



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