Backpack And Documents Stolen

Backpack And Documents Stolen (Randyjw; September 7, 2017)


This is my colorful High Sierra backpack, which was just recently stolen, along with most of my documents; my clear toiletry kit stuffed with grooming and hygiene items was also taken, along with a separate bag filled with conditioning shampoo, body lotion and something else. This backpack worked great; it had a chuck across the chest to distribute the weight, and inside it were my documents, like tax returns, receipts to keep track of income/expenses, all my medical history, housing history, etc. I suppose next that I’ll be targetted for identity theft. My little tins filled with junk tidbits were also taken. My black crossbody bag, filled with underwear and socks was taken. I, unfortunately, have suspects in mind. All these things are personal items to me and prevent me from having new, clean under garments, and to move ahead in the world and, of course, I  wouldn’t loan or share these things with others…


Other things previously stolen from me was my comforter coverlet, my solar-powered lamp, and maybe other things.


I didn’t get into the shelter tonight, and bad weather is headed across the country, and world, real soon. I may not be able to recharge my phone for several days ahead, if that might be the case, and I seem to be being put right in the thick of the bad weather with no thought from the shelter pertinent to my well-being.


“F” “U”, taxpayer-funded, Christian, piece of  @#$&  shelter.



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