Call Me Bugs

Call Me Bugs (Randyjw; September 19, 2017)


I went into a gas station, asked the Arab employee for scissors, and chopped off all my hair; I have lice. Disgusting! Contracted, most probably, from the other itching girls at the shelter. Made my initial appointment with my new healthcare people, saw them, and they also confirmed that my tumor is indeed cancer. Got a prescription for medication for this malady, went way out of my way on a bus journey to procure it, only to find out that they didn’t fill it because it can be bought over the counter, which I can’t afford! I had received three days’ approval to stay at the shelter, but cannot do so. I’m not the originator of the lice, but am probably being spoken of, as such. I have to sleep out somewhere, which I also did last night, and was bitten to death by no-see-ums all night long, and my arms are all sore, bumpy, and itchy. I am so tired of being homeless.

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