Incense (Randyjw; September 27, 2017)


Upon the ground

lay ten joss sticks

still in their plastic

Kissed by the moss

and then by my lips

Fragrance of earth’s incense

to perfume my bed

A visit by a stranger

never again

but one now known to me

in my heart and my head




Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Incense

  1. Thanks, Steve. It’s the usage of an existing item as seen in a new mode of application. I thought it fit, too. The next day, I believe it was, I found another item which goes with the incense sticks, which seems totally apropos, although now I am averse to writing about this secret find, for fear of being thought to trivialize its meanings, which, to me, are very special… So, I think I’ll just treasure and cherish its sacredness to me within my heart — I have a tendency to blab too much about every little thing in my life.

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