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Midnight Dates

Midnight Dates (Randyjw; January 31, 2018)


Beneath the fruit-filled palms

sweet memories and songs

I celebrate

the midnight dates

returned where I belong



I can hardly believe that one year has passed so seemingly quickly since my last Tu B’shvat post. I can vividly recall the emotions I was feeling at that time, and believe I’m now stronger and in a better place, especially heart-wise, these many days later.


This progression has been a journey helped along by the community of writers in WordPress, and by the trial of my soul borne through reflection and introspection; I can’t thank you enough.


Have a great Tu B’shvat, with all of the goodness and sweetness of Life always at your side.


Love, Randy/Rachel



More on Tu B’Shvat:…


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Soul Seek

Soul Seek (Randyjw; January 26, 2018)


It seems we always return

to some specific times and moments

the point of crash at which

love, death

horror, or regret

leave with their lasting impact

impart their never-ceasing


of alternate endings




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Smile In The Sky

Smile In The Sky (Randyjw; August 24, 2017)







No sound for

quite awhile


Now you know why


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Solo (Randyjw; January 11, 2018)


First attempts


later life

more relevant

Made-up songs

once begun

self-same audience

only one


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UN WATCH counts down their top 25 picks of 2017


UN WATCH counts down their top 25 picks of 2017 (Randyjw; January 6, 2018)


This link to UN Watch shows the top 25 “watchable” moments* of the United Nations in action, during the year 2017:


* DISCLAIMER: (Please be advised that had this been an actual comedy, no “real” countries would have been harmed…)


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