The Polish Problem


The Polish Problem (Randyjw; February 3, 2018)


Poland seems to be having a recurrent problem in accepting responsibility for what happened to it’s Jewish citizens during the Holocaust.


As you are aware, the Holocaust was a term coined for the specific genocide perpetrated upon the Jewish people during the Nazi-German regime under its chancellor, Adolf Hitler, whose personal manifesto, called Mein Kampf, laid bare his overarching enmity toward the Jewish people, and his concurrent goal to exterminate them as a race.


His belief in an Aryan “master race” of Germanic people and his intolerance of others’ ancestral differences was the theory he used for the basis of carrying out his plans to fruition to murder the Jews.


The Polish government, as well as many other present European countries, continue to shamelessly legislate rulings whitewashing their own countries’ complicity in the crimes of the Holocaust. This is again happening with a recent ruling by Poland concerning the death camps situated in Poland for the carrying out of Hitler’s “Final Solution” for the Jews. It appears they object to the wording, “Polish death camps”, which were located throughout Poland during the time in question, under the Nazi German regime. It would now be made a crime to utter those words, and would apply not only to the internal people of the country of Poland, but would apply equally to everyone the world over.


Israel is countering this bill by introducing their own measures.


To ameliorate the situation, I guess it would be slightly more accurate to instead say “death camps in Poland”. Because, in the end, it’s all just a matter of “semantics”.


Or, is it “Semitics?”


Read more, here:


Here is my email to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland:


The “Final Solution” to exterminate the Jewish people was a product of the mind of one deranged individual; yet the plan was carried out by a collective army of individual souls.


It took the acquiescence of each individual person, joined into a larger, collective group-minded mentality to carry out the deeds of killing the Jews. The main cause of death of the Jews across Europe during this time, inclusive of Jews within Poland itself, was due to genocide, the targeted and systematic harassment and hunting down of the Jews in order to eventually kill them. The difference is that the Jews were not casual collateral damage suffered during the perpetration of war; they were singled out as a separate people to be eliminated in their entirety.


Were your countrymen not complicit in the deaths which were perpetrated upon the percentage of the Jewish population in Poland during the Hitler-masterminded genocide of the Jews, then there would be no recrimination or reproach today coming from the remainder of the Jewish people, who did manage to survive as witnesses and reminders to the atrocities which took place, not only during Hitler’s time, but throughout our diaspora and dispersion over the years, to our treatment at the hands of the rest of the world during the last two millenia, especially, with concrete regards to our being denied equality of citizen’s status, as well as suffering the pogroms, auto-da-fe’, Inquisition, and others, occurring throughout Europe with alacrity.


There would also have remained a significant number of Jews in Poland, relative to the same proportion of survivors in the general Polish populace — save for the difference that the Jews were wanted dead, not alive.


Is it really so hard to consider that implausible deniability on Poland’s part, in the face of the evidence of the camps of the Holocaust,  just won’t work here?


Further Reading:


Update (August 31, 2018):

Israel, David. “Poles Commemorate 74th Anniversary of Lodz Ghetto Liquidation”;; August 30, 2018:



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