Still Undermining US Elections

Still Undermining US Elections (Randyjw; February 21, 2018)


While the news media speaks 24/7 of Russian outsiders trying to influence U.S. elections (exactly, how…?) toward Republican gain, the Dems are still furiously trying to manipulate public opinion toward a Democratic future gain in (deleted -ed.).

The ongoing fiasco involves individuals stationed outside public libraries approaching library patrons with the question, “Are you registered to vote?” They proceed to profess concern, as if this is a public service to you, that your address information is up-to-date. The final clincher is the question, “Would you like to receive your ballot by mail at home?” Well, how convenient it all sounds.

What they are talking about is receiving an absentee ballot by mail, so that you don’t need to be actually present at the polls. Therefore, there’s no need to actually visually identify that the respondent showing up to vote in the poll booth is actually the registered voter. And we also remember the “lost” truckload of mail of absentee ballots, as well as the veterans’ responses, which were never counted in that other previous election. It’s in the mail? Oh, sure.

While it is perfectly acceptable that outside groups other than official poll-workers are allowed to register voters, we must wonder why the following is noted (based on personal observation):

1) They all use the same, scripted, sing-song voicing pattern. It sounds like seven syllables at the “G” note of a piano (“Are you registered to vo-…”), followed by a “C” note (… – ote”).

I first noticed this when I heard a man asking other patrons (but not me) if they were registered to vo-ote… I overheard him say that he had made his own petition to raise the minimum wage. He used the same techniques of approach as the voter-registrants did, but his was a different issue.

Prior to speaking with the man, I had approached two women with a table across from him outside, who had voting information-type literature spread upon it. I had mentioned my homeless status to one of the women, and brought up my conflicted feelings regarding the legalization of marijuana (I’d previously been strictly against it, but have now witnessed many homeless people who truly do seem to need it for medical and/or mental reasons… and so find myself with conflicting views on the issue).

I viewed how the man had seemed to present a too-slow response with certain patrons to be able to ask whether or not they were registered to vote or not, and to so be a participant in his petition, and that led me to think that he was selectively filtering his respondents by their appearances as to how they would likely respond.

When I was aware that he did not even plan to ask me at all (I was carrying a few bags, as homeless people tend to do), I approached him to ask about his petition, which he said was to raise the minimum wage. I thought for a few seconds and then said, “No; probably not.” I then asked him why he had not asked me to participate in his petition.

He accusatorily said, “You’re a felon! I heard you say it to the lady!” I told him I did not say that and I was not a felon. He insisted, almost shouting, that I did say that I was a felon, again and again, and said that his petition was only for registered voters. One of the ladies actually had to stick up for me by saying that I had not said that, at all. No, I didn’t, and no, I’m not a felon. He was just trying to cover his actions with lies.

He came back for several days to the library, saying it was for the same issue.

Now, a new issue has arisen. There are now women approaching library patrons outside asking, “Are you registered to vote?” in the same sing-song voice pattern used by that man. The voicing seems nice, at first listen, but when you learn that they seem to be promoting left-wing values, they begin to sound like creepy automatons.

2) Why can’t they just ask outright if you would like an absentee ballot, without violating the consideration of someone’s privacy (such as whether or not that person has retained their voting rights, without having to imply a possible felonious status by responding in the negative)?

If a person would like an absentee ballot, then the questioner could then ask the qualifying question, if it needs to be asked, at all. Does it? I mean, can’t you just call the office of the Supervisor of Elections for an absentee ballot, or do it through the post office, or fill out your request when it arrives, mostly unsolicited, in your mailbox?

3) The “absentee ballot ladies”, as I’ll term them, herewith, use a rebuttal response — rather than a reply — when you question them. They pretend to not hear your intelligent questioning of whether they are soliciting you for an absentee ballot (which they eventually concede is the case) prior to their “beating out” of you whether you are a registered voter, or not. Pointed questions, such as:

“Is this a survey?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I think you’re violating my privacy. Why do you need to know?”

are met with:

“Wait… What?”

“Uh… No, I can’t…”

“I didn’t hear…”

and, eventually, no reply, as if they think that their acting shenanigans will make you forget that you were waiting for their response to your question. Apparently, they don’t really wish to answer, plainly and simply, without evasiveness, that it is all about an absentee ballot.

None of them have ever replied to my statement that they may be somewhat overstepping people’s rights to the privacy of their voting status… They could certainly ask people, “WOULD YOU LIKE TO register to vote via absentee ballot?”, to which a person could respond safely, “No”, without having to reveal aloud publicly their voting status.

4) What group is registering these voters for absentee ballots and/or petitions of left-wing ideology? Are they funded by left-wing groups? Russian outsiders? Multi-billionaires and financiers trying to influence the outcome of U.S. politics and elections?

An absentee-ballot-lady, who’d forgotten that she’d previously approached me recently, asked me, again, “Are you registered to vo-ote….?” So, I tested the waters, again… Q: “Is this a survey?” A: “Oh, wait — I can’t…”. Q: (again) “Is this a survey?” A: “Uh… I can’t, uh… I can’t hear…”. Q: “So, is this a survey?” etc.

Then, she commands authority by reverse-questioning the questioner, with “So, you are registered? Your address is completely up-to-date? You go to the polls? Your telephone number is correct….  because if it’s not….”

(Or else?)

Then, she eventually admits after much persistence on my end that it is to receive an absentee ballot. I tell her this is what I thought it was for (as I had mentioned to several other of their questioners in the past couple of weeks that they have been approaching library patrons).

She then tells me that “the kids are going to Tallahassee.” I haven’t yet caught up on the news regarding the Parkland shooting, but someone had mentioned to me that some kids from Boca Raton were walking over to Parkland (this is what he said; this is not otherwise a verification of the authenticity of his statement). I indicate to absentee-ballot-lady that I’m not fully updated on recent developments in the matter, and I ask what the purpose of their visit is for. She says that it is so they can do something, and then proceeds to insert her opinion that it is, basically (and written here, forthwith, solely in my own paraphrase-like essence of the conversation), because the NRA (National Rifle Association) is just subverting the public from receiving the governmental policies that should be their will by using their money to prevent the passage of such good-for-us measures as being gun-free citizens, etc.

Okay; the lady is entitled to her opinions, and to freedom of expression… She’s obviously a person, and would, by that very nature, be a likely candidate to have opinions…

But, if she’s registering individuals, either to vote, or to receive a voting ballot in absentia of visiting the poll-booth, then shouldn’t she at least present a non-biased, professional demeanor of non-partisanship? Aren’t voter registration people supposed to be non-partisan, in order to ensure fairness at the polls, without unduly influencing, or trying to influence, the outcome of an election?

Why do these Democrats, either in behavior or by name, do such undemocratic things?

This happened at (deleted -ed.)




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  1. Exactly. Frankly, it might be more of a breaking story combined with some analysis, like I’ve done in the past, but… we’ll see.

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