My Three Cents’ Worth


My Three Cents’ Worth (Randyjw; February 22, 2018)


I’ve had a chance, now, to download a previous radio show aired on February 16th, 2018, regarding the recent news of Parkland, Florida, and the media talk regarding supposed Russian meddling in U.S. political processes.


My thoughts about the “Russia” issue, so far, are this:


It doesn’t make sense that former Soviet KGB Officer, Vladimir Putin, now head of Russia, would choose to side with capitalistic Donald Trump, over a more Socialist-leaning left-wing United States party of ideas found within the Democratic side.


If there was Russian meddling in social media sites pertaining to the 2016 elections and prior, when candidates were running, my thoughts are this:


that despite supposed attacks against Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party, the attacks were actually done to make the Republican Party look bad, once these things were “found out” and “uncovered”.


Library is closing; gotta run….


Let’s see what happens…



Update (July 19, 2018):


Daniel Greenfield offers his pin-point analysis to-date:


Greenfield, Daniel. “Did the Russians Hack the DNC to Help the Left Take Over the Democrats?”;; July 18, 2018:



Update (December 18, 2018):


Daniel Greenfield pieces together funding of leftist movements, Russian-platform based financiers, and the undermining of President Donald Trump:


Greenfield, Daniel. “Never Trumpers Who Accuse Trump of Being a Russian Spy Are Funded by Backer of Russian Spy Site”.; December 18, 2018):



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