The Meaning Of “Yarden”


The Meaning Of “Yarden” (Jordan) (Randyjw; February 28, 2018)


According to an article in the edition of Breaking Israel News, The English translation of the Hebrew word for Jordan, “Yarden”, comes from the Hebrew words, “Yored Dan”, which means “descending from Dan.”


In the Hebrew Bible, Dan was a son born to Rachel through her husband, Jacob, via Rachel’s handmaid, Bilhah. Rachel and her older sister, Leah, daughters of Lavan, were taken to wife by Jacob, during which he served a bride-price of seven years’ apiece as a worker to Lavan, in addition to laboring several more years for the livestock he received from Lavan.


Rachel was Jacob’s true and first choice, but Lavan placed Leah in her stead as the first wife, in the customary manner of the ways of the land in Paddan-Aram, being that she firstborn.


In Leah’s status, G-d blessed her with multiple children to Jacob. Rachel’s childbearing was delayed, and thus the proposal to take Bilhah to Jacob was engaged. Rachel called this son, Dan, which means “judge,” for her pleas to G-d were finally answered/judged and she was given a child she so desired.




The Jordan river springs from the northern area at Israel’s present-day border with Lebanon at Mount Hermon, and runs southward to its final land terminus at the Dead Sea. The Hebrew name used for the calling of the river is “HaYarden,” or “the Jordan”.


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