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Reach (Randyjw; March 31, 2018)


We stare at one another


seeing the truth of souls laid over

with daily fare and bother


absent reason for need

to posit motive or to wonder


absorptively inherent

a mind at ease in aura’ed comfort

Vessel of my heart

divulges its apex in one pulse completing


The laggard I have been

caught in mimicry’s firm-taught lesson

Held back, but not withheld

the two-step forth and back of beating


Existential the external vessel

beneath the surfaces of skin

harmonious contents

simmer and glimmer

and reach without

as well as within


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Sundown, March 30, 2018 – A Pictorial/Musical Pesach

Sundown, March 30, 2018 – A Pictorial/Musical Pesach (Randyjw; March 29, 2018):




Songs on the Passover theme (collected from previous postings):



Gad Elbaz – Mah Nishtanah:





Rae Antonoff – Mah Nishtanah (this is the version I sing, but a bit faster):





Dayenu / Hebrew, edited  (Urdu translation):





Avi Begun – Dayenu / Hebrew (this is a different song. It’s beautiful. It’s dedicated in the memories of four souls killed in the rampage of terror attacks in Toulouse, France):




Jesse Macht – A Different “Dayenu” (I really liked this guy):




Pete Seeger – Dayenu:




Chava Alberstein – Chad Gadya:




Chaim Parchi – Chad Gadya:




Chad Gadya – Spanish and Moroccan:




Jay Levy – Chad Gadya (this is similar to the version I know):




Eden Mi Qedem – Chad Gadya (Syrian Jewish, in Arabic):




Simcha Spot – Purple Chrein (Horseradish with Beets):




Ohad Naharin – Echad Mi Yodea (Amir Mizroch Compilation; Contains Nuclear, Jihadist, and War Scenes):








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Yes Deer

Yes Deer (Randyjw; March 21, 2018)


A pair of “Yes Deer”

sweetly nuzzle in the wood;

Know what? I would, too.


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Held (Randyjw; March 21, 2018)


To capture anything,

it would seem,

takes a master and servant

There must be one

to rule over

a sentient being

To be held and to hold

in a mutual version

takes the two to interpret

their heartbeats’ translations


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Reading Stars

Reading Stars (Randyjw; March 21, 2018)


Surveilling the sky

and holding your palm in mine

Night twinkles and shines


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False Impressions


False Impressions (Randyjw; March 20, 2018)


Still think the Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem, Israel, is incontrovertibly linked to the Arab world as a holy place mentioned in the Koran?


Think again.


My contention that the only reason there is any interest in the Muslim-occupied site in Israel upon which the gold-roofed structure sits is due to an ancient, ever-persistent hatred by the Arab world toward the Jews. This age-old, obsessive preoccupation with the status of Jews and our relationship with our G-d has caused generational jealousy sown throughout the entire “Arab world”.


The proof that this is so can be gleaned by Arab actions against Jewish sites which we have deemed sacred or historically important to the Jewish people, as such. The Arabs, throughout history, continually ransack, vandalize, and attempt to eradicate these Jewish sites. They, furthermore, attack and murder Jews due to this jealousy.


This is at least the second time I have stated this and written about this, in this WordPress forum. No-one else can ever seem to supply a logical explanation as to why the Arabs continue to always fight against the Jews. Some people lay blame on the poverty of the Arab people. Really?  Are you familiar with the sights of Arab wealth? These can include: gold lavatories, high-end watches, private aviation, mansions, vehicles, and more. Maybe not every individual person of Arab descent is wealthy, but, then — they are also “just like us”, and all strata of income is represented in their population. So, “Income” is not a viable explanation.


Neither is the excuse known as “Opportunity”. Come on! There are at least 22 Arab states/countries, and at least as approximately the same quantity of total Muslim countries as there are states in the United States of America! More than 50! It is implausible to think that within those 50-some-plus places in the Muslim world, there exists no “Opportunity” for the Muslim individual to excel. And if there is not, then “Why,” might we ask, “is this possibly so?” Those lands are ruled by their own people, so who is to blame, then, in this instance? Huh?


Israeli oppression? Come on! The 17-20% of the population in Israel of Arab descent living there have more freedom under Israeli democratic rule than they do any other place in the Muslim countries. They hold political positions, occupy government and municipal employment positions, police positions, teaching positions — just like Jewish or Christian residents of Israel might.


Because of the Jewish belief that the Messiah will arrive via a certain gate in the walled city of Jerusalem, the Jewish gravesite across from this area on the Mount of Olives, and known as the Mount of Olives, is the most revered and prestigious location for a Jewish person to be buried, as it will be closest to the place where the Messiah is believed will appear. Arabs have placed their own grave sites close to this spot, as well; perhaps to receive the blessings, or perhaps to occupy the land around the walls. In any case, the Arabs have also bricked-up the gate entrance, so that the prophetic arrival will not occur.


The Arabs have also attacked the gravesites of our Patriarchical Jewish ancestors: Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Leah, Rachel, and others, of whose names people would be familiar through the words of the thousands of years old Bible (Old Testament). Additionally, graves of many Rabbinic sages and historical Jewish sites have been attacked and vandalized, as well as their building materials removed and transported to Arab countries for their own use, as well as to muddy Jewish provenance/ownership of such artifacts.


It has not been solely an Arab custom to do this to the Jewish people and to the sites in Israel; it has also been a tactical strategy on the part of Christianity, at least in the thousands of years since Christianity’s founding, proceeding through somewhat recent times. Christianity has been known to build Churches atop Jewish sites; and it is also for the very same reason that the Arabs have done so — to eradicate Jewish presence, for one…. But, especially, to rewrite the religious narrative on G-d, and to eliminate any Jewish presence as the principal components of this equation.


And that is why the Jewish people suffer at human hands. There is free will.


And, then – – there is G-d.


Here is an interesting backgrounder by Joseph Farah, a Christian Arab, on some of the history of the present structures atop the Temple Mount:



Additional Reading (Added June 25, 2018):


Flatow, Stephen M. “‘Un-Settling’: The Royals Understanding of Jerusalem”; Reprinted in secondary source by from Jewish News Syndicate (JNS); June 25, 2018:


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Smoky (Randyjw; March 17, 2018)


Intensity can wane;

Was yours subsumed

from heated passions spoken – –

in flames, consumed?


Yet, I hold no blame.

Mine is there – –

ignited embers whitened

stoked by red-hot flames.


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